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The Icelandic Store. We guarantee all our products are designed & produced in Iceland.

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Austurvegur 44, Selfoss, Iceland, 800
Call +354 775 4132

Discover the heart of Iceland at our unique boutique, where every item tells a story of Icelandic heritage. Specializing in authentic, locally-sourced products, our shop offers exclusive handcrafted art, traditional woolens, and an array of artisan foods including rare vegan cheeses and quality meats. Savor genuine Icelandic honey among our carefully selected offerings. Escape the ordinary and bring home a piece of Iceland that truly reflects your exquisite journey—not just another souvenir made afar. Visit us for a genuinely local experience and treasures found nowhere else.

At Made In Ísland, we take pride in supporting local talent and sustainable practices. Our commitment to promoting Icelandic heritage and innovation is evident in every product we feature. As you explore our store, you’ll discover the remarkable stories behind each creation, connecting you to the heart and soul of Iceland. Join us in embracing the spirit of community, creativity, and tradition as we invite you to be a part of our journey. Experience the magic of Iceland through our thoughtfully designed and locally made treasures.


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