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KúKú Campers
KúKú Campers is your gateway to freedom while exploring Iceland. The company offers the ultimate Icelandic road trip with affordable and convenient rental campervans.KúKú camper’s impressive campervan fleet is uniquely designed for maximum comfort and fully equipped for an adventure in Icelandic nature. Each camper is carefully supplied with all the essentials needed for a smooth journey, from cosy sleeping quarters to convenient kitchen amenities, allowing travellers to enjoy the freedom of spontaneous exploration without compromising comfort.The company has been operating since 2012 and is today the largest camper rental in Iceland, with a wide array of campervans available. They offer mini campers, four-wheel-drive campers, free mileage, a free extra driver, and free collision damage waiver insurance. The vans are different sizes, with seating and sleeping space for two to five adults. The company ensures reliability and affordability, and there are no hidden costs. However, add-ons and upgrades are available for those who want them.Moreover, KúKú Campers’ knowledgeable staff provides personalised recommendations and insider tips to help travellers craft their dream itinerary, ensuring they make the most of their Icelandic adventure. The company empowers travellers to discover Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes at their own pace, opening up a world of possibilities for explorers to forge their own path through the country. This means that travellers can go almost anywhere, do anything, and sleep anywhere at a low price.KúKú campers’ emphasis on flexibility, comfort and convenience sets them apart from competitors, offering campers the best possible experience in Iceland in an affordable way.