Icelanders Feel ‘Flight Shame’ Over Increased Air Travel Emissions

Eighty-three percent of Icelanders traveled abroad last year—the highest percentage of citizens to do so since 2009. This data was published in a report by the Icelandic Tourist Board, which also [...]

Union Members Approve Collective Agreements

Voting results are in for several collective agreements, Vísir reports. Members of Efling and VR unions, as well as members of unions belonging to the Federation of General and Special Workers [...]

Price Increases Threatened Pending Approval of Collective Agreements

Several Icelandic food companies have stated that they will increase the prices of their products if pending collective agreements are approved, RÚV reports. The proposed price increases have [...]

Iceland Drops in World Press Freedom Rankings

Iceland is ranked 14th in Reporters Without Borders’ 2019 World Press Freedom Index. Kjarninn reports that this ranking is notably lower than the country’s Nordic neighbours and that Iceland has [...]

Iceland Cosigns Statement Against Brutal, Discriminatory Law in Brunei

Iceland is one of thirty-six countries to cosign a statement urging the government of Brunei to revoke changes to its penal code which legalize a range of violent and brutal punishments for acts [...]

Shortage of ‘First Class Icelandic Potatoes’ Say Grocers

The Icelandic Federation of Trade is calling for a suspension of duties on potatoes so that potatoes grown abroad can be imported at an acceptable cost to local consumers. RÚV reports that [...]

Long-Term Parking at Airport Completely Full Over Easter

The long-term parking lots at the Keflavík Airport are at full capacity for the third Easter holiday in a row. RÚV reports that the airport’s long-term parking lots closed just before 5:00 PM on [...]

Hallgrímskirkja Tower Closed for Five Weeks

Hallgrímskirkja tower will be closed to visitors for five weeks while its lift is replaced. According to Vísir, the new lift is both faster and safer than the current one, which has been taking [...]

No Fatal Traffic Accidents in Iceland This Year

There have been no fatal traffic accidents in Iceland so far this year, Vísir reports. It has been nearly 80 years since the country has reported no fatal traffic accidents this late in the year. [...]

Ninety-Day Wait to be Admitted to Hospital

Just over 40% of people admitted to hospital last year had to wait 90 days or longer for a room, RÚV reports. Five years ago, the percentage of people who experienced a similar wait time was only [...]

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