Invented a Carbon Offset Calculator to Fight Flying Shame

An Icelandic PhD student in computer science has created a program which calculates how many trees travellers have to plant to carbon offset their flights. Matthías Páll Gissurarson, a student at [...]

Geothermal Heat Exposes Glacial Cliffs

Fifty-metre [164 ft] high cliffs have emerged to the west of Grímsvötn volcano in southeast Iceland after having been covered by the Vatnajökull glacier for fifty years, RÚV reports. Geophysicist [...]

“We would like to get rid of the idea of single-use plastic”

Icelandic innovation company Plastplan and discount grocery store chain Krónan are embarking on a plastics recycling collaboration that is intended to make the company more environmentally [...]

“Farmers Are Drowning in Data”

Technology is playing an increasingly large role in the Icelandic farming and agriculture landscape, RÚV reports. According to Sigtryggur Veigar Herbertsson, a consultant with the Icelandic [...]

New Study Gives Insight Into Effects of 1783 Laki Eruption

A new study on the effects of the Laki eruption, which took place in Iceland in 1783, has found that a heat wave in Western Europe in the same year was likely not caused by the eruption. The [...]

NASA to Test Mars Rover in Iceland

NASA will test the self-driving Mars Rover truck in Iceland this summer to prepare for the Mars 2020 mission. A prototype of the Rover will be tested in the Lambahraun lava field this July, north [...]

A Third of the World’s Golden Plover Nest in Iceland

More than a third of the world’s golden plover and around 27% of the world’s whimbrel populations nest in Iceland, RÚV reports. These findings were among those included in a paper entitled [...]

City to Introduce ‘Computer-Aided Crosswalks’ For Pedestrian Safety

New technology aimed at making pedestrians more visible to oncoming traffic when crossing the street will be put into operation in five places around Reykjavík this fall. RÚV reports that the [...]

Snæfellsjökull Could be Gone in Thirty Years

Scientists think it likely that Snæfellsjökull glacier will be mostly gone by the middle of this century. This prediction was borne out by new measurements taken for the first time by the [...]

Unmanned Drone Aircraft to be Tested in Egilsstaðir

A remotely piloted, unmanned drone aircraft will be flight-tested in Egilsstaðir, East Iceland over the coming months. RÚV reports that the 15-metre (49-ft) wide craft that is under the joint [...]

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