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Enough Drama! Black Skies

Iceland’s unofficial ‘King of Crime’, Arnaldur Indriðason, has earned himself countless fans the world over with his Detective Erlendur suspense series that currently numbers 12

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What Caused the Collapse? On Thin Ice

Why did the Icelandic economy collapse? What caused the country’s ongoing financial crisis? These are questions regularly posed by readers and those which Icelanders have often asked

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Unsuspecting Gem: Six Days in Iceland

Sometimes the plainest of books sparkle the most. Six Days in Iceland containing poems by Alyson Hallett and geological descriptions by Professor Chris Caseldine, complemented with

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The Greenhouse

Part road novel, part bildungsroman, Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir’s The Greenhouse is a meditative story of love, death, fatherhood, and creating meaning in life even when it seems to

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Conspirational Joyride: Operation Napoleon

It had been a while since I read Arnaldur Indriðason’s* Operation Napoleon last. Originally published as Napóleonsskjölin in 1999, its English translation appeared earlier this year. The reason for the

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