Majority of Regional Archives Not Prepared for Disaster

Less than a third of Iceland’s regional archives have made copies of important documents, as is dictated by disaster preparedness protocols, RÚV reports. On top of this, about two-thirds of the [...]

City Council Approves New 102 Reykjavík Postcode

Reykjavík City Council has now approved the mayor’s proposal that the postcode for the Vatnsmýri area be changed to 102, RÚV reports. Currently, this area falls under downtown Reykjavík’s 101 [...]

Report on Economic Impact of Whaling Incites Criticism

A recent report on the economic impact of whaling has incited criticism and accusations of bias, RÚV reports. A primary point of contention is that the report characterizes nature conservation [...]

Court of Appeal Confirms Verdict in Klaustur Case

No further investigation will take place in the Klaustur case. Miðflokkur MP's had asked for further investigation, and an examination of witnesses.

Icelandic Economists Say Whaling Overall Profitable

A newly-published report on whaling concludes the industry is economically beneficial to Iceland overall. The report also found no indications that whaling decreases the amount of tourism in the [...]

Used Ambassador’s Position to Send Daughter to Mental Institution

Former minister and diplomat Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson repeatedly sent his own daughter to a mental institution. She had threatened legal action against him due to sexual harassment.

Klaustur MPs No-Show at Committee Meeting

Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson and Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson did not attend a disciplinary meeting at Alþingi today, where favouritism regarding ambassadorial appointments was discussed.

Westfjords Municipality to Discuss Proposed Road With Minister

The local council of Reykhólahreppur will likely delay voting between two routes for a new road through Gufudalssveit in the South Westfjords. Council chairman Ingimar Ingimarsson stated on RÚV [...]

Former Minister Accused of Sexual Harassment Over 50-Year Period

At least twelve women have come forward with accounts of sexual harassment by former minister and diplomat Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson. Stundin reported first. The oldest accounts occurred in the [...]

Whales a Huge Part of Iceland’s Marine Ecosystem, Say Researchers

Whales in Icelandic waters eat roughly six million tons of fish and other food sources a year and therefore play a large role in the marine ecosystem, both as a whole and in Iceland in [...]

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