“One Step Too Close to Having a Military Base Here Again”

The US Air Force intends to spend ISK 7 billion ($56.2 million/€49.5 million) on construction projects at Keflavík airport, RÚV reports. The purpose behind this construction is, according to the [...]

Stop All the Clocks

Few issues have garnered as much attention – and feedback – as the contentious suggestion to move the Icelandic clock back one hour to better align with solar time.

Green Tax Would Encourage Recycling

A proposed “green tax” would make it more expensive for landfills in Iceland to bury garbage than to recycle, Vísir reports. The landfilling of waste is currently responsible for 7% of Iceland’s [...]

Iceland’s Gender Autonomy Act is a Step Forward for Trans and Intersex Rights

Trans people in Iceland will now be able to change their official gender according to their lived experience, and register as neither male not female (denoted with an “x” on documents). The [...]

“Icelanders know these changes from personal experience”

German president Frank-Walter Steinmeir accompanied Icelandic president Guðni Th. Jóhannesson on a visit to the Sólheimajökull glacier in South Iceland, where children and teens attending the [...]

Parliament Lifts Sunday Bingo Ban

A bill lifting the legal ban on public gatherings and gambling on religious holidays was passed by Alþingi on Tuesday, RÚV reports. Per a law that went into effect in 1997, it was technically [...]

Drivers’ Blood Alcohol Limit Lowered

A bill amending the Traffic Act with extensive changes was passed unanimously by the Icelandic parliament yesterday, RÚV reports. A decrease in the legal blood alcohol limit is one of its [...]

Iceland Ranked Most Peaceful Country Yearly Since 2008

Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world, according to the 2019 Global Peace Index. The country has held onto the title since the first Global Peace Index launched 13 years ago. Iceland [...]

Sues Icelandic Government for Human Rights Violations

Australian Nara Walker delivered a petition with over 43,000 signatures in her support to the Speaker of the Icelandic Parliament this afternoon, along with a letter urging MPs to do more to [...]

Turkey Denounces “Disrespectful” Treatment of Football Team at Airport

The Turkish government has issued a diplomatic note to Iceland denouncing what it is calling “disrespectful” and “violent” behaviour against the country’s men’s national football team, aa.com [...]

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