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KFOR Iceland Kosovo Airspace
Jelena Ćirić

Iceland to Manage Kosovo’s Airspace

Iceland has acquired the rights to manage Kosovo’s lower airspace, according to a press release from NATO’s peacekeeping mission in Kosovo (KFOR). Arnór Sigurjónsson, Director

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Jóhann Páll Ástvaldsson

In Focus: Proposed Highland National Park

The Icelandic highland is one of the largest uninhabited, uncultivated areas in Europe. Almost all of Iceland’s population lives near the coastline, owing both to the barrenness and the coldness of the highland, and to Iceland’s fishing-based economy. The government is now planning to designate the entirety of the Icelandic highland as a national park, which would make it one of the largest national parks in the world, covering 30% of the country. But not everyone is on board with the idea.

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