Fifty Whales Found Dead on West Iceland Beach

Fifty pilot whales were found dead on the shore of Löngufjörur in a sparsely populated part of the Snæfellsnes peninsula on Thursday, RÚV reports. A group of American tourists on a helicopter [...]

‘First Glacier Lost to Climate Change’ to be Memorialised

The former Okjökull glacier will be memorialised with a monument recognising its status as “the first Icelandic glacier to lose its status as a glacier.” A press release from Rice University [...]

Man Arrested for Soliciting Prostitution in Downtown Reykjavík

A man was arrested on suspicion of soliciting prostitution in downtown Reykjavík in the early hours of Thursday morning, Vísir reports. According to police, they received a call around 3:00 am [...]

Scientists Propose New Theory Of How Marimo is Formed

Scientists researching the ecosystem of Lake Mývatn in North Iceland may have finally answered the longstanding question of how Icelandic marimo, or lake balls—are formed, RÚV reports. Marimo are [...]

More Than 100 Lightning Strikes Recorded During Thunderstorm

More than 100 lightning strikes were recorded in Southwest Iceland Wednesday night, RÚV reports. They were accompanied by thunderstorms around the village of Þorlákshöfn. Both thunder and [...]

Calls for Stricter Regulations On Foreign Land Ownership

An increased number of wealthy foreign entities making large purchases of rural land in Iceland has prompted significant bipartisan concern, Kjarninn reports. Iceland’s Minister of Transport and [...]

New Fund to Support Live Music Venues in Reykjavík

Supporting small music venues is the goal of a new fund under the auspices of the City of Reykjavík. A press release on the city website states that the fund will supply grants for improving [...]

Icelandic Sheepdog Celebrated Today

  The fourth annual Icelandic Sheepdog Day will be celebrated across Iceland today, RÚV reports. The goal of the yearly event is to increase the breed’s visibility. The Icelandic sheepdog [...]

Foreign Residents Increased by 5.8%

There were 46,717 foreign citizens residing in Iceland as of July 1, 2019, and they have increased by around 2,561 since December 1, 2018, or 5.8%. During the same period, Icelandic citizens [...]

Icelandic Composer of Chernobyl Nominated for Emmy

Icelandic composer Hildur Guðnadóttir has been nominated for a 2019 Emmy Award for her original music for the TV series Chernobyl. Hildur’s atmospheric soundscape, sculpted from live recordings [...]

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