Growing Support for Rapid Bus Transit Line

Reykjavík capital area’s planned Borgarlína rapid bus transit line has never enjoyed more support than it currently does, according to a new survey conducted by Maskína. The company reports that [...]

Puffins Numbers High in Westman Islands

Puffin numbers have not been higher in the Westman Islands since record-keeping began in 2007, RÚV reports. A total of 78% of puffin nests on the islands were occupied in a recent survey that [...]

New Lighthouse on Reykjavík Waterfront

A new lighthouse was activated in Reykjavík on Friday, reports. The new lighthouse is located on a new landfill and viewing platform on Sæbraut, right by Höfði house. The architecture firm [...]

“One Step Too Close to Having a Military Base Here Again”

The US Air Force intends to spend ISK 7 billion ($56.2 million/€49.5 million) on construction projects at Keflavík airport, RÚV reports. The purpose behind this construction is, according to the [...]

Icelandic Names Will No Longer Be Gendered

Icelandic given names will no longer be differentiated as being “male” or “female” in the national naming registry, RÚV reports. This means that anyone will be able to take any name in the [...]

Iceland’s Largest Electronic Store to Cease DVD Sales

ELKO, Iceland’s largest electronics retailer, will stop selling DVDs starting this fall, Fréttablaðið reports. In a press release about the decision, marketing director Bragi Þór Antoníuson said [...]

Red Cross to Send ISK 25 Million to Aid Ebola Relief Effort

The Icelandic Red Cross will be making a donation of ISK 25 million ($200,000/€178,000) to aid Ebola outbreak relief services in East Africa, RÚV reports. Ebola resurfaced in the Democratic [...]

Green Tax Would Encourage Recycling

A proposed “green tax” would make it more expensive for landfills in Iceland to bury garbage than to recycle, Vísir reports. The landfilling of waste is currently responsible for 7% of Iceland’s [...]

Horse Illness Linked to Feed

Forty-four horses in Iceland have been diagnosed with symptoms of acquired equine polyneuropathy (AEP), RÚV reports. Although the disease, also known as Scandinavian knuckling syndrome, is common [...]

Puppeteer Named Reykjavík Resident of the Year

Puppeteer Helga Steffensen was named Reykjavík Resident of the Year on Thursday, RÚV reports. Every year, the mayor invites guests of honour to open the fishing season with him at the Elliðaár [...]

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