Protesters Arrested in Front of Parliament

Three individuals were arrested yesterday while protesting in front of the entrance of the Icelandic parliament. The group, which included Icelandic nationals as well as asylum seekers, had [...]

Snow and Freezing Temperatures for Iceland on Spring Equinox

While today marks the astronomical start of spring, Icelanders will experience wintry weather across the country. Temperatures hover around the freezing mark, with the Icelandic Met Office [...]

First Icelandic Aluminium Car Up and Running

Russian Bombers Enter NATO Airspace Near Iceland

Two unknown aircraft entered NATO airspace near Iceland yesterday morning, according to a press release from the Icelandic Coast Guard. The aircraft were later identified as Russian bomber [...]

Offer Reykjavík Renters Seven-Year Fixed Contracts

A major leasing company is now offering Reykjavík renters seven-year fixed-price contracts, RÚV reports. Almenna leigufélagið, which manages some 1,200 rental properties in Reykjavík and other [...]

Examine Strengthening Westfjords Electricity Transmission

Residents of the remote Westfjords of Iceland have the most unreliable electricity transmission in the country. Interruptions in service occur regularly in the region, often causing damage to [...]

Refugees Call Off Ongoing Protest

An ongoing refugee-organised protest in Austurvöllur, facing Iceland’s parliament, has been called off. A post on the group’s Facebook page states that staying in the square has affected the [...]

Iceland and UK Reach Short Term Brexit Agreement

Iceland and the UK reached a trade agreement yesterday which allows trade to continue unchanged between the countries if the UK leaves the European Union without a deal, RÚV reports. Though the [...]

Students Petition to Stop Classmate’s Deportation

Students in Hagaskóli school in Reykjavík are collecting signatures to protest the planned deportation of their fellow student, 14-year-old Zainab Safari, and her family. The Afghan family have [...]

Political Parties Host MeToo Meeting

Political Parties hosted an open meeting this morning in Reykjavík to discuss the MeToo movement and its effect on politics. The event was streamed live on the Left Green Movement’s Facebook [...]

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