Majority of Regional Archives Not Prepared for Disaster

Less than a third of Iceland’s regional archives have made copies of important documents, as is dictated by disaster preparedness protocols, RÚV reports. On top of this, about two-thirds of the [...]

Changes to Refugee Reception System

A new proposal put forward by the Minister of Social Affairs would ensure that asylum seekers in Iceland be afforded the same protections as the so-called “quota refugees” who resettle in the [...]

City Council Approves New 102 Reykjavík Postcode

Reykjavík City Council has now approved the mayor’s proposal that the postcode for the Vatnsmýri area be changed to 102, RÚV reports. Currently, this area falls under downtown Reykjavík’s 101 [...]

Report on Economic Impact of Whaling Incites Criticism

A recent report on the economic impact of whaling has incited criticism and accusations of bias, RÚV reports. A primary point of contention is that the report characterizes nature conservation [...]

New Game Design Degree Program Unveiled

The Ministry of Education has approved a new BSc degree program in video game design, RÚV reports. The three-year distance learning program will be offered by the Keilir Institute of Technology [...]

Number of Rental Cars Still Increasing, But Not as Fast

The number of registered rental cars on the road continues to increase in Iceland, although data from Statistics Iceland shows that this increase is slowing considerably and that rental figures [...]

Seventy-Year-Old Footbridge Collapses in Storm

A nearly 70-year-old footbridge from Illikambur over to the Múlaskáli hut in the Lónsöræfi wilderness area has collapsed, RÚV reports. The guy ropes holding up the bridge appear to have given way [...]

In Search of Iceland’s First Tattoo Artist

Who was the first tattoo artist in Iceland? This is the question that Fjölnir Geir Bragason, himself a tattoo artist in Reykjavík, is trying to answer. RÚV reports that about ten years ago, [...]

Court of Appeal Confirms Verdict in Klaustur Case

No further investigation will take place in the Klaustur case. Miðflokkur MP's had asked for further investigation, and an examination of witnesses.

Majority of Icelanders Have Changed Behaviour Due to Climate Change

In a recent survey, 62.6% of Icelander reported having changed their behaviour in recent years to lessen their impact on the environment and climate, RÚV reports. The survey shows 51.6% of [...]

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