Prime Minister Will Meet with Mike Pence

Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir will, in fact, meet with American Vice President Mike Pence during his official visit to Iceland in early September, Vísir reports. This confirmation comes [...]

Geosea Sea Baths Named One of ‘World’s Greatest Places’

Húsavík’s Geosea Geothermal Sea Baths have been named one of Time magazine’s 100 “destinations to experience right now,” Vísir reports. The Geosea baths opened just last year in August 2018 and [...]

Icelandic Skyr Cheaper Abroad Than in Iceland

Ísey brand skyr is cheaper in grocery stores in Finland and Britain than it is in Iceland, Vísir reports. But although some Icelandic consumers are crying foul, the Icelandic dairy cooperative MS [...]

Free Bus Service on Culture Night

Strætó bus service will be free of charge on Culture Night, Saturday, August 24th. The annual event serves as the unofficial end to the summer, brings out enormous crowds, and necessitates the [...]

Inmate Found Dead in Prison Cell

A man in his fifties was found dead in his cell at Litla-Hraun prison on Thursday morning, Vísir reports. There is currently no indication that the man’s death occurred under suspicious [...]

Over 6,500 Students Starting at Icelandic Universities this Fall

The academic year is underway again at most of Iceland’s universities. RÚV reports that just over 6,500 new students are embarking on college-level studies in the country this fall. Most of these [...]

Visitors Ignoring Reynisfjara Closure, Despite Ongoing Risk

The rockslide that took place at Reynisfjara beach in South Iceland has now been measured at 100 m [328 ft] wide and 50 m [164 ft] in length, running from the base of Reynisfjall mountain and out [...]

Highest Paid Rural Mayors Earn More than Prime Minister

A recent round-up of mayoral and council manager salaries in rural municipalities is raising eyebrows in some quarters, RÚV reports. Per data first published in Viðskiptablaðið and analysed by [...]

Icelandic Postage Stamp Publication to Stop

The last Icelandic postage stamps could be released in two years time. Iceland Post recently announced the decision to stop servicing postage stamp collectors due to heavy losses in recent years. [...]

45 Years Later, All of Route 1 Paved

45 years after the creation of Route 1, the Icelandic Ring Road, the circle has been fully completed as all of the road is now paved. The last stretch of the ring road to be fully completed was [...]

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