Snow and Freezing Temperatures for Iceland on Spring Equinox

While today marks the astronomical start of spring, Icelanders will experience wintry weather across the country. Temperatures hover around the freezing mark, with the Icelandic Met Office [...]

President of Iceland Takes Trash Head-On

Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, the President of Iceland, spent this Sunday morning picking up trash and litter around Bessastaðir. Bessastaðir is the official presidential residence, situated in Álftanes [...]

Pollution Kills Moss Surrounding Aluminium Plants

Aluminium plants around the country pollute the surrounding areas, killing moss around the plants. Sigurður H. Magnússon, a vegetation ecologist at the Icelandic Institute of Natural History, [...]

Environment Minister Meets With Climate Strike Organisers

Environment Minister Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson met with organisers of the weekly climate strike last week, RÚV reports. The ongoing strike, organised by the National Union for Icelandic [...]

Calls for Three Popular Natural Sites to be Given Protected Status

The Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources and the director of the Environment Agency of Iceland are calling for three of the country’s most popular nature sites to be designated as [...]

Capelin Stocks in Poor Shape

Four research expeditions have found capelin stocks in Icelandic waters to be in poor shape, RÚV reports. As a result, the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute (MFRI) will not permit fishing [...]

Thunder and Lightning in Reykjavík

Thunder and lightning accompanied a rainstorm in the capital area and in the Southwest region of Iceland last night around 7 pm. RÚV reports that there was a 250 m squall line, or narrow band of [...]

Geo Climate Biodome Depends on Investors

The establishment of a proposed 4,500 m2 [48,438 ft2] cluster of geodesic greenhouses on the edge of Reykjavík’s Elliðaárdalur valley will depend on private investors, RÚV reports. According to [...]

Students Start Weekly Strike for Climate

A demonstration will be held in Austurvöllur square on Friday afternoon to raise awareness and urge governmental action on climate issues. The event, which is being organized by the National [...]

Star Stuff

“The more you know about the nature that surrounds you, the more precious it becomes and the more important it becomes to protect it.” That’s the simple reasoning behind Sævar Helgi Bragason’s [...]

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