Environmental Association Calls to Redo Whaling Report

The Icelandic Environmental Association (Landvernd) has published a press release strongly criticising a recent governmental report on the economic impact of whaling. RÚV reported first. The [...]

Report on Economic Impact of Whaling Incites Criticism

A recent report on the economic impact of whaling has incited criticism and accusations of bias, RÚV reports. A primary point of contention is that the report characterises nature conservation [...]

Majority of Icelanders Have Changed Behaviour Due to Climate Change

In a recent survey, 62.6% of Icelander reported having changed their behaviour in recent years to lessen their impact on the environment and climate, RÚV reports. The survey shows 51.6% of [...]

Southern Iceland Beset by Barnacle Geese

A dramatic influx of barnacle geese in South Iceland is raising concern among farmers whose crops are being compromised by these winged invaders, RÚV reports. A recent study shows that the geese [...]

Four Million Trees to be Planted in 2019

The Icelandic Forest Service intends to plant nearly four million trees this year as part of a long-term climate action plan, RÚV reports. The new plantings will supplement the three million that [...]

Waste Disposal Disrupted in Westman Islands

Waste disposal in the Westman Islands has been disrupted since December while the Heimaey town council awaits an environmental assessment report on the environmental impact of waste incineration, [...]

Whales a Huge Part of Iceland’s Marine Ecosystem, Say Researchers

Whales in Icelandic waters eat roughly six million tons of fish and other food sources a year and therefore play a large role in the marine ecosystem, both as a whole and in Iceland in [...]

Meteor Sighting Over Iceland

It seems that fireworks aren’t the only things lighting up Iceland’s night sky over the holiday season: Vísir reports that a meteorite was seen over Iceland on Thursday evening, creating a bright [...]

Reindeer Warning in East Iceland

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration has issued a reindeer warning after a large herd of the animals were spotted near Háreksstaðaleið, the road that goes through the Jökuldalsheiði [...]

Record Year for Rain in Reykjavík

Reykjavík had 261 days of precipitation in 2018, a record for the city. RÚV reports the capital region also received only 1,163 hours of sunshine in 2018, about 100 fewer than average and the [...]

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