Visitors Ignoring Reynisfjara Closure, Despite Ongoing Risk

The rockslide that took place at Reynisfjara beach in South Iceland has now been measured at 100 m [328 ft] wide and 50 m [164 ft] in length, running from the base of Reynisfjall mountain and out [...]

Land Rising Due to Melting Glaciers

The land around Höfn in Hornafjörður is rising rapidly due to the melting of the glaciers in the surrounding area. Normally, the most highlighted issue connected to global warming is the rise of [...]

Large Rockslide in Reynisfjara Beach

A large rockslide fell from Reynisfjall mountain onto Reynisfjara beach this morning. The easternmost part of the beach, which is a popular tourist destination, has been closed off by the police. [...]

“Iceland Almost Ice-free” Within 200 Years

A ceremony took place on Ok mountain to mourn the now gone Okjökull glacier yesterday. The former glacier was the first Icelandic glacier to officially lose its glacier status, which took place [...]

Closures Extended at Three Popular Sites Near Mývatn

The Minister for the Environment has approved a request issued by the Environment Agency of Iceland to extend closures at three popular natural attractions in the Mývatn region in North Iceland, [...]

Record Summer for White-Tailed Eagle Nestlings

This summer was a record summer for eagle nestlings since measurements on the white-tailed eagle began. There are two nestlings in unusually many nests. This can most likely be traced to decent [...]

Icelanders Recover Lost Airplane Engine in Greenland

A team of Icelanders successfully recently retrieved a part of an Air France aeroplane engine which fell off over the Greenland ice shelf in 2017. On September 30, 2017, an Airbus A380 Air France [...]

Four Whales Stranded, Three Saved

Four pilot whales stranded near Ólafsvík, West Iceland yesterday evening, reports. Three of the whales managed to return to sea of their own accord, while one died in the shallows. The [...]

Government Takes Over Foreigner’s Fjord Purchase

The Icelandic state has purchased Hellisfjörður fjord in East Iceland, RÚV reports. A German entrepreneur had arranged to buy the land for ISK 40 million ($326,000/€291,000), when the Ministry [...]

Best Practices for Saving Beached Whales

Two separate pods of pilot whales have gotten beached on Icelandic shores this summer, RÚV reports, leading experts to apprise locals of how best they can respond to such situations. Marine [...]

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