We All Protest!

At the heart of downtown Reykjavík lies the small, sheltered Austurvöllur square, criss-crossed by walking paths and lined with lilac trees. In the middle of the square, facing the unassuming [...]

Fragile Hope

Borgarfjörður eystri’s impending fate seemed rather certain; as globalisation increases, so too does the movement of people from rural areas to urban centres. Such has been the case in a number [...]

Hold Your Fire

With relatively widespread gun ownership but virtually no gun crime, foreign observers have frequently held up Iceland as an example of sensible gun control.

How is the Icelandic government promoting electric vehicles?

Thinking Big

The Akureyri Theatre Company is one of the oldest in the country. It was founded in 1907 and went professional in 1973. Since then, it’s been the only Icelandic professional theatre company [...]

Stop All the Clocks

Few issues have garnered as much attention – and feedback – as the contentious suggestion to move the Icelandic clock back one hour to better align with solar time.

Scent of an Island

For thousands of years, man has been extracting scent from plants for his pleasure and physical well-being. Despite this long history, Iceland has been lagging behind.

What is the history of boxing in Iceland?

Raising Your Voice

Staging Reality

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