Rooted: The deepening world of Icelandic genealogy

Genealogy has long been practiced and celebrated in Iceland, whose small population and strong sense of community have paved the way for a desire to preserve one’s lineage.

For Art’s Sake

“A Community of 18,000 building a museum like this? It’s a big project.”

The Guitar is Dead

If you only read the headlines, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the guitar is having a tough time recently. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that the guitar is very much alive.

Telling Tales

Author Einar Kárason is a natural-born storyteller. He will be a special guest at the Reykjavík International Literary Festival from April 24-27.


For years, producing yarn in Iceland has meant selling your wool raw to a large-scale producer. Now farmers around Iceland have been finding new ways to produce yarn on a smaller scale, ensuring [...]

Wasting Away: How Iceland is dealing with its waste

The inhabitants of the Western world are consumers. In a world where mass production is the norm, it is not a surprise that we are drowning in garbage. But this is not one of those doomsday [...]

Natural by Design

You may not know it but when visiting Iceland, you’re likely to encounter the work of Basalt Architects. The company’s team is behind the Blue Lagoon’s Retreat hotel, the GeoSea Geothermal Sea [...]

Access Granted

Fritz Hendrik Berndsen is an artist whose daily life mirrors his art. His diverse exhibitions explore concepts that are on his mind, many of which are preoccupations we all share: the Internet, [...]

In Focus: Dropping Fertility

Since the 1960s, Iceland’s fertility rate has been steadily dropping. Fertility rates in 2017 were the lowest recorded since record-taking began in 1853. It should be mentioned that despite these [...]

Living Legends

What’s the recipe for stardom? Though the exact ingredients are greatly debated, most would agree that singing exclusively about Norse mythology, in old poetic forms, in a language spoken by a [...]

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