Set to Rights: Iceland’s New Gender Autonomy Act

The year is 1996. After spending several years in Sweden, Anna Kristjánsdóttir moves back to Iceland. She struggles to find a job, and when she finally does, harsh bullying leads her to quit. [...]

In Reindeer Country

18:21. All around us are rocks. The wind blows in our faces. Craters, hollows, and dents dot the stony grey hills. For all we know, we’re in Mordor. It beggars belief how any animal can eke out a [...]

In Focus: Iceland and the Arctic

Powerful countries are showing increased interest in the Arctic – and Iceland.

How do Icelanders take to first contact with people from other countries?

To be completely honest, Icelanders aren’t known for their cosy interactions with strangers.

Is the NBA very popular in Iceland?

Set in Stone

From the Pandora’s box of catastrophes that climate change has unleashed, a carbon fixation technology developed in Iceland releases a glimmer of hope.

For the Love of Glaciers

Iceland's Glaciological Society has been conducting annual research trips to Vatnajökull glacier since the middle of last century. Now change is afoot.

Full-Bodied Sound

The composer of Chernobyl and Joker takes a physical approach to making music.

Of Mountains and Men

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, the Icelander who portrayed Gregor Clegane, a.k.a. “the Mountain,” in HBO series Game of Thrones, owns and operates a gym in Kópavogur, Iceland.

Looking the Part

There’s something about Ingvar E. Sigurðsson’s face that feels innately Icelandic.

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