In Focus: Wage War

The banking collapse of 2008 took its toll on the Icelandic nation, both financially and emotionally. Icelanders came together in protest, yet perhaps surprisingly, without the leadership of [...]

Can I drive in Iceland in winter?

Q: I’m an experienced driver living in Northeast Ohio familiar with driving on ice and snow, and I would like to do a self-drive in winter. I want to see the northern lights, but is it safe to [...]

A Vanishing Act

It’s a spectacularly beautiful August day and I’m standing on Sólheimajökull glacier. With me is Ryan, a glacier guide and one of the founders of the tour operator Hidden Iceland. Ryan, who was [...]

Empty Jails and Unlocked Doors: The myth of a crime-free paradise

Iceland witnessed four murders in total in 2017 – one of them the harrowing murder of 20-year-old Birna Brjánsdóttir. Birna’s murder shook Icelanders, many of whom experienced the crime as an [...]

Fishing for Power: How changes within the fishing industry are prompting new strategies for rural development

Driving through Skagaströnd, it’s not difficult to get the feeling that you’re driving through some kind of wilderness – a beautiful one – but a wilderness all the same. An empty parking lot sits [...]

Faces of the Earth

Ragnar Axelsson is on a mission. The best-known photographer in Iceland has for decades pointed his camera at disappearing culture and documented the life of the people of the Arctic. His earlier [...]

The People’s History

Archaeologist Steinunn Kristjánsdóttir is uncovering the history of Iceland’s executions – and the social injustice they have concealed for centuries. January 12, 1830. A crowd of 150 is gathered [...]

Tongue Twister: Why many foreigners struggle to learn Icelandic – and why Icelanders should care

Ah, the Icelandic language. It’s the ancient tongue of Vikings, filled with beautiful yet frightening words like ferðaáætlun (how many different a’s can there be?), þátttakandi (three t’s in a [...]

In Focus: Up in the Air

The world of Icelandic aviation has been showing signs of tremors recently. Even though the number of travellers in Iceland is at a high point, the two companies responsible for transporting them [...]

In Focus: Whose Land Is It Anyway?

In 2011, a Chinese businessman named Huang Nubo tried to buy one of the largest farmlands in Iceland, Grímsstaðir á Fjöllum. Since Nubo was neither an Icelandic citizen nor a resident of the [...]

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