For years, producing yarn in Iceland has meant selling your wool raw to a large-scale producer. Now farmers around Iceland have been finding new ways to produce yarn on a smaller scale, ensuring [...]

Secret Solstice May Relocate Amidst Nonpayment Complaints

Víkingur Wins Top BBC Music Prize

Icelandic pianist Víkingur Ólafsson snagged the top prize at this year’s BBC Music Magazine Awards, winning Recording of the Year for his album Johann Sebastian Bach. The album was also awarded [...]

Natural by Design

You may not know it but when visiting Iceland, you’re likely to encounter the work of Basalt Architects. The company’s team is behind the Blue Lagoon’s Retreat hotel, the GeoSea Geothermal Sea [...]

Costumed Teens Run Wild in Reykjavík

Tourists strolling through downtown Reykjavík today may be surprised to come upon groups of costumed teenagers in high spirits, cavorting about the streets. The reason is a decades-old tradition [...]

Kvennaskólinn Students Celebrate Peysuföt Day

Reykjavík’s Kvennaskólinn, or Kvennó, upper secondary school held its annual Peysuföt Day on Friday, RÚV reports. This is an almost century-old tradition wherein the second-year students dress in [...]

Access Granted

Fritz Hendrik Berndsen is an artist whose daily life mirrors his art. His diverse exhibitions explore concepts that are on his mind, many of which are preoccupations we all share: the Internet, [...]

Sónar Music Festival Cancelled Due to WOW Bankruptcy

Sónar music festival, set to take place in Reykjavík in three weeks has been cancelled, RÚV reports. Festival organisers say the main reason is WOW air’s bankruptcy, as many attendees and [...]

Living Legends

What’s the recipe for stardom? Though the exact ingredients are greatly debated, most would agree that singing exclusively about Norse mythology, in old poetic forms, in a language spoken by a [...]

Plover, Bearer of Spring, Has Arrived in Iceland

A golden plover, traditionally believed to announce the arrival of spring in Iceland, was spotted in Stokkseyri on March 28, Vísir reports. The migratory bird’s return to Icelandic shores is a [...]

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