Wage Negotiations Continue

State-mediated wage negotiations between six unions and the Icelandic Confederation of Enterprise (SA) continue today, RÚV reports. Meetings were postponed yesterday, when Ragnar Þór Ingólfsson, [...]

WOW air Creditors Agree to Convert Debt

WOW air’s creditors agreed yesterday to convert the company’s debt into shares for 49% of the company, RÚV reports. WOW still needs to find a buyer for the other 51% to avoid bankruptcyand ensure [...]

Icelandair Will Not Purchase WOW

Icelandair dropped negotiations with WOW air yesterday, RÚV reports. The airline’s future appears to rest on whether it can convince creditors to convert its debt into shares. More developments [...]

Indigo Partners Call Off WOW air Negotiations – Icelandair Renews Interest

Indigo Partners has cancelled negotiations to invest in WOW air. Subsequently, the board of Icelandair Group has agreed to reenter negotiations with WOW, according to a statement released by WOW [...]

Restaurants and Shops to Double at Keflavík Airport

Keflavík Airport is planning to double its shopping and restaurant service over the next few years, Vísir reports. The airport’s Director of Business Hlynur Sigurðsson says revenue from sources [...]

Doubts About WOW Negotiations Arise

Despite a drawn-out negotiation period with Indigo Partners, WOW air has yet to close the deal with the company. One news source cast doubt on whether negotiations between the two were in fact [...]

Strikes Will Affect Bus Routes in April

Efling and VR Unions’ strikes will affect several public bus routes in the capital area in April, RÚV reports. The strikes will not affect service for people with disabilities. Capital area buses [...]

First Icelandic Aluminium Car Up and Running

Offer Reykjavík Renters Seven-Year Fixed Contracts

A major leasing company is now offering Reykjavík renters seven-year fixed-price contracts, RÚV reports. Almenna leigufélagið, which manages some 1,200 rental properties in Reykjavík and other [...]

Labour Court Rules Union’s Planned ‘Micro Strikes’ Illegal

The Icelandic Labour Court has ruled that four of the seven ‘micro’ strike actions that the Efling labour union intended to implement during upcoming bus driver strike are illegal, Vísir reports. [...]

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