Hackers Defraud Nearly Four Hundred Million From Power Company

Foreign hackers have defrauded a considerable sum, reportedly nearly four hundred million ISK (over US $3,000,000), from Icelandic power company HS Orka. CEO Ásgeir Margeirsson says it was [...]

More than 80 Medications Unavailable in Iceland

Drug manufacturers’ preference for larger markets means that dozens of medications are currently unavailable in Iceland, RÚV reports. Pharmacist Aðalsteinn Jens Loftsson says the situation can [...]

Poor Langoustine Season Could Mean Restaurant Shortage

  The langoustine served in Höfn, Southeast Iceland, has a reputation for being the best in the country. Yet the town’s main supplier Skinney Þinganes told RÚV its catch from this summer [...]

Proposal to Make Domestic Flights Part of Public Transportation

Domestic Icelandic flights should become part of Iceland’s public transportation system and be subsidised by the state, says Independence Party MP Vilhjálmur Árnason. RÚV reports that Vilhjálmur [...]

Less Downturn But Slower Recovery for Iceland’s Economy

The Central Bank has lowered its interest rates by 0.25%, making the bank’s key interest rate now 3.5%. The decision is in line with the bank’s economic forecast, which projects less of a [...]

Group Lawsuit Against Icelandair in Preparation

A group lawsuit against Icelandair on behalf of cabin crew members of the company is currently in preparation, RÚV reports. The crew members involved assert they have suffered health issues due [...]

EU to Threaten Sanctions Against Iceland and Greenland Over Mackerel Dispute

The Chair of the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee Chris Davies has stated that the EU might take action against Iceland and Greenland if the countries won’t back down from increasing [...]

Icelandic Skyr Cheaper Abroad Than in Iceland

Ísey brand skyr is cheaper in grocery stores in Finland and Britain than it is in Iceland, Vísir reports. But although some Icelandic consumers are crying foul, the Icelandic dairy cooperative MS [...]

Mackerel War On the Cards As Iceland Increases Quota?

The fishing of mackerel in the North Atlantic is a contested international issue as experts believe the fish is at danger of overfishing. Chris Davies, head of the European Parliament’s [...]

“We don’t want Laugavegur to become a restaurant street”

City officials and restaurateurs are at odds about whether the ongoing expansion of the downtown shopping and dining district is actually good for businesses long-term, Vísir reports. On one [...]

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