WAB air to Rise from the Ruins of WOW Air

Two ex-directors at the now defunct airline WOW air are working on founding a new low-fare airline from the ruins of WOW air. The twosome is working on raising the airline from the ground with [...]

Champagne Sales Approach All-Time Record

Iceland’s state-run liquor stores have sold just over 14,000 litres [3,698 gallons] of champagne already this year, RÚV reports. If sales continue apace, the 2007 sales record of 16,000 litres [...]

Car Rental Company Introduces Driving Safety Test for Tourists

A pilot program at a Reykjavík car rental is asking tourists to take an informational driving test before leaving with their vehicle. RÚV reports that the test is intended to prepare visitors for [...]

“We would like to get rid of the idea of single-use plastic”

Icelandic innovation company Plastplan and discount grocery store chain Krónan are embarking on a plastics recycling collaboration that is intended to make the company more environmentally [...]

Krispy Kreme to Close in Iceland

The American doughnut chain Krispy Kreme will close in Iceland, mbl.is reports. The company operated three locations in Iceland, all of which were inside Hagkaup department stores. Hagkaup and [...]

No Whaling This Summer

There will be no whaling conducted in Icelandic waters this summer, neither of minke whale nor of fin whales. RÚV reports that this will be the first time in 17 years that whaling has not been [...]

Iceland’s Largest Electronic Store to Cease DVD Sales

ELKO, Iceland’s largest electronics retailer, will stop selling DVDs starting this fall, Fréttablaðið reports. In a press release about the decision, marketing director Bragi Þór Antoníuson said [...]

Six Hundred Jobs Could Be Lost in Next Six Months

As many as 600 jobs may be lost within the next six months, Kjarninn reports. This per a recent survey of managers at the 400 largest companies in Iceland, which was conducted by Gallup on behalf [...]

Fewer Tourists, Less Beer Sold

Dropping tourism numbers have led to a decline in beer sales throughout the country, RÚV reports. Even so, Gunnar B. Sigurgeirsson, Vice President of the Ölgerðin brewing company says that he [...]

Scent of an Island

For thousands of years, man has been extracting scent from plants for his pleasure and physical well-being. Despite this long history, Iceland has been lagging behind.

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