How is the Icelandic government promoting electric vehicles?

What is the history of boxing in Iceland?

How long does it take to drive around Iceland?

Does Iceland have a naming committee for pets as well?

Can you tell me more about the delicious Icelandic lobster?

Q: Last time I visited Iceland, I ate Icelandic lobster. It was delicious. Can you tell me more about it? — A: The Latin name of the species is Nephrops norvegicus and it’s a type of small [...]

What soft drinks are popular in Iceland?

Q: What soft drinks are popular in Iceland? Are there Icelandic soft drink brands? — A: You will be able to find most international soft drinks in Iceland, like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Red Bull, [...]

Do a lot of Icelanders share the same name?

Q: If a lot of people have the same first name, like Jón, all their children must have the same surname when using the patronymic system, how does this work? — A: In Iceland, most people use a [...]

What are Icelanders’ favourite Christmas cookies?

Q: With the holiday season coming up, could you tell me what Icelanders’ favourite Christmas cookie recipe is? — A: Since the 19th century, baking Christmas cookies, jólasmákökur in Icelandic, [...]

Can I drive in Iceland in winter?

Q: I’m an experienced driver living in Northeast Ohio familiar with driving on ice and snow, and I would like to do a self-drive in winter. I want to see the northern lights, but is it safe to [...]

How Many People in Iceland are Homeless?

Q: How many homeless people are there in Iceland in 2018? I would like to know as I’m doing a school project on homelessness in Iceland. Lillian Hayden, Ireland. — A: Hi Lillian, [...]

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