How do Icelanders take to first contact with people from other countries?

To be completely honest, Icelanders aren’t known for their cosy interactions with strangers.

Is the NBA very popular in Iceland?

What proportion of Iceland’s residents are Icelandic citizens, and how many Icelandic citizens live abroad?

Has the painted lady butterfly been seen in Iceland?

About 100 species of moths and butterflies have been spotted in Iceland over the years.

How is the Icelandic government promoting electric vehicles?

What is the history of boxing in Iceland?

How long does it take to drive around Iceland?

Does Iceland have a naming committee for pets as well?

Can you tell me more about the delicious Icelandic lobster?

Q: Last time I visited Iceland, I ate Icelandic lobster. It was delicious. Can you tell me more about it? — A: The Latin name of the species is Nephrops norvegicus and it’s a type of small [...]

What soft drinks are popular in Iceland?

Q: What soft drinks are popular in Iceland? Are there Icelandic soft drink brands? — A: You will be able to find most international soft drinks in Iceland, like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Red Bull, [...]

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