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Where can I find antiques and collectables from Iceland?


From old books to chess memorabilia, stamps, art, and more, there are plenty of interesting things from Iceland to be on the hunt for.

Some years ago, the treasury printed a series of rare 10,000 krónur notes whose serial numbers started with “Z,” rather than the usual “H.” Some collectors were keen to get their hands on these notes, making them more valuable to keep than to spend!

If you’re on the look for collectables and antiques from Iceland, we recommend beginning your search here:

  • safnari.is, an auction site for antiques and collectables. Expect to find rare coins and banknotes, stamps, postcards, books, records and CD’s, and more!
  • bland.is, the Icelandic eBay. It’s not specifically for antiques, but you can find old cameras, audio equipment, board games, and pretty much anything else you can think of!
  • Iceland also has several buy-and-sell Facebook groups. Brask og brall is by far the most popular, with 190,00 members. That’s half of Iceland’s population!
  • Kolaportið, the Reykjvík flea market, also has many antique collectors may be interested in, such as vinyl records, stamps, postcards, books, and art.


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