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Söngvakeppnin - Daði og Gagnamagnið
Golli. Daði og gagnamagnið at the 2020 Söngvakeppnin competition

I’m a musician: how can I get press coverage of my music in Iceland?


Iceland has a lively music scene, with a plethora of diverse performing and recording artists. Local media does a fine job covering new local releases and concerts, particularly the Icelandic national radio, but also local print newspapers, both in Icelandic and English.

When it comes to music, Icelandic media has quite a local focus, and when international artists are covered, they are usually artists that are well-known globally, or have a special connection with Iceland (like, for example, having lived here for many years, such as Damon Albarn or John Grant).

If you are coming to Iceland to perform, contacting local newspapers and radio is a good bet in order to get press coverage. If you’d like to know more about the local scene, you can contact Iceland Music, the music export office of Iceland. While they mostly help Iceland-based musicians to develop their careers, they also connect international musicians to the local scene.

Musicians from abroad who come to record in Iceland are also eligible for a 25% refund of the costs incurred in recording in the country: more information at record.iceland.is.

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