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Does Iceland have Costco? Can I use my membership card?


Many travellers to Iceland may be surprised to learn that Iceland does, indeed, have a warehouse from the bulk retailer Costco.

Opened in 2017 and located in a shopping centre in Garðabær, a 10- to 15-minute drive from Reykjavík, the membership-based retailer carries – for the most part – the same selection as its American warehouses, with a little local flavour. In addition to tubs of hummus, sacks of coffee, and jars of speciality pickles, Costco in Iceland also offers a selection of skyr, Icelandic hotdogs, local sodas, harðfiskur, and more.

And yes, travellers can use their membership cards from abroad at Costco in Iceland, and vice-versa: Icelanders with Costco memberships can also use their cards when travelling.

So, while travellers may have no need for the quantity of goods purchased at Costco, it may be a good option for a last-minute pair of rain pants, a sweater, or stocking up on snacks for a trip around the Ring Road.

It’s also worth noting that membership cards from abroad also work at the gas pump.

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