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The local milk truck drving across the winding roads of the Westfjords

Are there truck driving jobs in Iceland?


Iceland does not have a particularly large market or demand for land transport. Simply put, it’s a small nation, and as an island, much of the important goods already arrive in Reykjavík, the largest urban centre in the nation.

These 2022 statistics show, for instance, that transportation and storage account for some 13,000 jobs in Iceland, or about 5.3% of overall jobs. Note that this will also include things like warehouse work, tour buses, city buses, and taxi drivers as well. Statistics Iceland breaks these categories down differently, and land transportation does not even register on their index of major national industries.

Driver’s license

Nevertheless, there is some trucking in Iceland, especially in agriculture and parcel delivery. You will, of course, need the relevant class of driver’s license in order to work as a truck driver. Below are listed the basic classes of driver’s licenses in Iceland. Note that each class has several additional subclasses, which are determined by the size of the engine, the overall weight of the vehicle, and whether it will tow a trailer.

  • Class A: Motorcycles.
  • Class B: Passenger vehicles.
  • Class C: Trucks and commercial vehicles.
  • Class D: Buses and other transit vehicles.

Due to the size of Iceland’s tourism industry, if you are on the job market and have a commercial driver’s license, working as a tour bus driver may also be a good fit for you. Note, however, that this will require a class D license, whereas trucking would require a class C license. Read more about the regulations here (in Icelandic).

Job hunting

Iceland’s not alone in the world in being a society where it often comes down to who you know. That being said, there’s always a demand for skilled and hard-working people, so here are some places to begin looking.

You can search the phonebook, Já, for businesses that specialize in transportation. It may be worth simply cold-calling many of them.

You may also find Alfreð helpful, a popular job board in Iceland. Try searching “bílstjóri óskast” (driver wanted).

Störf is also another job board that you may find useful.


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