Ferris Wheel at Reykjavík Harbour Gets Green Light

Ferris wheel on Miðbakki

What began as a call for potential contractors for a Ferris wheel at Reykjavík harbour is now becoming a reality.

A developing area

This plan has been in the works for a long time now, with the City of Reykjavík asking for people to put in their bids for the project earlier this spring. In the end, it was the company Taylors Tivoli Iceland that got the contract–unsurprisingly, RÚV reports, as they already own and operate several Ferris wheels in the country.

Reykjavík harbour has been the site of a great deal of development in recent years, in particular where office space and residential housing is concerned. The Ferris wheel would, as the City of Reykjavík put it in their original ad for contractors, add “an exciting addition to the diverse city life”.

A one-summer project

This particular Ferris wheel will be 32 metres tall and have 54 carriages. It will be set up at Miðbakki, which is the open area west of Harpa Concert Hall, where a skateboarding park currently is.

If this is something that interests you, you’d do well to book your tickets now. This is planned to be a one-summer project, and after some time at Reykjavík harbour, will be moved further inland to Klambratún park.

Siglufjörður Comics Festival Announces Debut

Comics fans and creators, rejoice: the Siglufjörður Comics Festival will debut this summer.

A history of comics

The North Iceland town is certainly picturesque, but the town also has historic ties to comics. It is the home of the Siglufjarðarprentsmiðja printing house which, in the 1930s, began printing the very first comics in Iceland.

As such, the town is a fitting place to showcase the works of comics artists and invite others to ignite their creative endeavors, with events spanning numerous venues. One particular highlight is illustrator Brian Pilkington, whose illustrations are immediately recognisable from having graced books about trolls, the Christmas lads, and much more.

Something for everyone

The festival will also feature an Artists’ Alley, the described “heart and soul” of the event, wherein attendees will be able to take in the works of numerous artists. In addition, interested artists may apply to be a part of this event here, but bear in mind the deadline to do so is June 1st.

In keeping with inspiring and celebrating the creativity of others, the festival will also feature a “Drink and Draw” event, and close with a tabletop games workshop.

All relevant information about this event can be found on the official page, and will be held from August 30th through September 1st.

Capturing Solitude

icelandic photographer valdimar thorlacius

Valdimar Thorlacius had something of an unorthodox entry into photography, especially for an Icelander. “Originally, I just wanted to document surfing. It was maybe just two or three other guys and myself at the time. But then I went to California with my girlfriend and bought a camera. A Canon DSLR with just a lens […]

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Halla Tómasdóttir Moves into Second in New Poll

ísland forseti

Businessperson and CEO of The B Team Halla Tómasdóttir has moved into second place in terms of who respondents to a new poll from Maskína intend to vote for in Iceland’s presidential elections this June 1st. According to the results, former prime minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir is still in the lead, at 25.7%, down slightly from last week when she was at 26.1%.

A startling trajectory

Halla Tómasdóttir is now at 18.6%, virtually tied for second alongside political scientist Baldur Þórhallsson, who is at 18.2%.

However, on May 3rd she was at 3.7%, and had been in the single digits since at least early April. All that changed following televised debates earlier this month, with her first double-digit showing on March 16th, at 14.9%.

Other showings

Meanwhile, energy director Halla Hrund Logadóttir–who was far in the lead through late April and early May–is now at 16.6%, while writer and former Reykjavík mayor Jón Gnarr has remained relatively steady in terms of support this month, and is now at 12.4%.

Elections will be held on June 1st, and are open to all Icelandic citizens. For more on these top five candidates, read our in-depth feature here.

Losing Ground

Grindavik from above

“If it all goes to hell, it goes to hell,” Pétur Benediktsson, vice-chief of the Grindavík fire brigade and business owner, tells me while we stand at the edge of the town. Gigantic bulldozers slowly pile fresh dirt up on one side of the area. The rich scent of moist soil and gases from the […]

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Iceland News Review: Will We Whale or Won’t We?

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