Too Soon to Discuss Protective Barriers for Hafnarfjörður

Protective barrriers in Reykjanes

An earthquake near Trölladyngja has led to a discussion of the possibility of erecting protective barriers in Hafnarfjörður. The director of the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management has stated that such discussions are premature.

No observable change in Svartsengi

On Wednesday, a large earthquake occurred near Mt. Trölladyngja, a volcano located on the Reykjanes peninsula, between Grindavík and the capital area. Speaking to Vísir yesterday, a geologist on duty at the Icelandic Meteorological Office stated that there had been about 640 tremors since the earthquake. Their frequency had rapidly decreased, however. The geologist also stated that there had beeen no signs of geological unrest in Svartsengi, where a volcanic eruption occurred in December, after the earthquake.

Speaking to Stöð 2’s evening news on Wednesday, volcanologist Ármann Höskuldsson discussed the earthquake and its potential implications. He expressed interest in exploring the construction of protective barriers in the westernmost part of Hafnarfjörður given that the tremor might indicate possible eruptions near the town in the coming years.

Discussion of protective barriers premature

Víðir Reynisson, Director of the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, told Vísir yesterday that any discussion of protective barriers for the capital area was premature while a comprehensive hazard assessment for volcanic activity in the area was still underway.

“This work on hazard assessment for Iceland’s volcanoes started in 2012 and has been ongoing since. Some locations have been addressed, and the assessment for the capital area began over a year ago. We are working as quickly as possible. Many scientists are involved,” Víðir stated.

Several volcanologists have called for such a risk assessment, and Víðir was surprised that they were not aware that this work had long been in progress: “We know to some extent where eruptions can occur and are familiar with these areas. It’s possible to simulate lava flows from these locations, but the hazard assessment is the foundation of everything we do. It’s being actively worked on,” Víðir noted.

As noted by Vísir, land uplift near the Svartsengi Power Station has continued, although the rate has significantly slowed in recent days. A similar pattern occurred before the eruption in Sundhnúkagígar in mid-December.

Custody Over Suspects in Hafnarfjörður Shooting Extended

police station reykjavík

The Metropolitan Police has extended the custody of two men involved in a December shooting in Hafnarfjörður by one week. An investigation into the incident is ongoing, Vísir reports.

Custody set to expire on January 11

As noted in an announcement by the Metropolitan Police, the custody of two men who fired shots in Hafnarfjörður in December has been extended by one week.

The incident occurred inside an apartment in Hafnarfjörður on Christmas Eve, where residents were present but unharmed. Initially, three individuals were arrested, although one was released on December 27. There was a significant police presence at the scene. 

The investigation of the case is ongoing, and the custody of the two men is set to expire on January 11, unless further extended.

Gísli Þorgeir Kristjánsson Named 2023 Sportsperson of the Year

Gísli Þorgeir Kristjánsson named 2023 Icelandic Sportsperson of the year

At an award ceremony last night, handballer Gísli Þorgeir Kristjánsson was named 2023 Sportsperson of the Year for his achievements with SC Magdeburg and the Icelandic national team. Aside from being chosen Best Player in the German Bundesliga, Gísli Þorgeir also played a pivotal role in SC Magdeburg’s 2022-2023 EHF Champions League win.

Sportsperson of the Year

Handball player Gísli Þorgeir Kristjánsson, who plays for the German team SC Magdeburg and the Icelandic national handball team, was named the 2023 Icelandic Sportsperson of the Year at an award ceremony held last night by the Association of Sports Journalists.

This is the first time that Gísli has received the award and the third consecutive year that a handball player has been honoured with the title, Vísir reports. Gísli’s teammate at SC Magdeburg and on the national team, Ómar Ingi Magnússon, was previously honoured with the title for two consecutive years (in 2021 and 2022).

A cut above the rest

In the selection, Gísli received 500 points, 128 points more than swimmer Anton Svein McKee, who came in second place. Football player Glódís Perla Viggósdóttir finished third with 326 points. The three were a cut above the rest as far as rankings are concerned.

As noted by Vísir, Gísli enjoyed an outstanding year with SC Magdeburg. He was named Best Player of the German Bundesliga and Most Valuable Player of the 2022-2023 EHF Champions League final weekend, which SC Magdeburg won. Gísli scored six goals in the final against Kielce, despite having dislocated his shoulder in the semifinal against Barcelona the day before. He was also the seventh-highest scorer in the Champions League with 87 goals.

Additionally, Gísli played a key role in the Icelandic national team, which finished 12th at the World Championship in Poland and Sweden.

Sportsperson of the Year Rankings:

  1. Gísli Þorgeir Kristjánsson, handball, 500 points
  2. Anton Sveinn McKee, swimming, 372 points
  3. Glódís Perla Viggósdóttir, football, 326 points
  4. Andrea Kolbeinsdóttir, athletics, 101 points
  5. Sveindís Jane Jónsdóttir, football, 94 points
  6. Elvar Már Friðriksson, basketball, 93 points
  7. Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson, football, 73 points
  8. Sóley Margrét Jónsdóttir, powerlifting, 69 points
  9. Thelma Aðalsteinsdóttir, gymnastics, 53 points
  10. Snæfríður Sól Jórunnardóttir, swimming, 47 points