Record Number of Travellers Denied Entry at Keflavík Airport

Keflavík Airport

Keflavík Airport has registered a record 258 denials of entry this year, mostly in association with suspected criminal activity. The Suðurnes police have also been active in investigating smuggling and money laundering cases and have made significant seizures.

258 travellers denied entry in 2023

Keflavík Airport has seen a record number of passengers denied entry, with 258 denial cases recorded so far this year. Most denials are linked to individuals’ connections to criminal activities, reports.

Last year, the Suðurnes police investigated 69 cases related to drug smuggling, money laundering, and illegal export of cash. This year, 58 such cases have been reported. In many of these cases, as reported by, suspects were arrested at Keflavík Airport either upon arrival or due to suspicions of carrying illicit funds when departing.

Significant seizures at the border

Authorities have seized 65 kg of cocaine, 14,000 tablets of oxycontin, 1,800 tablets of contalgin, 100 kg of cannabis, amphetamine base, and other banned substances. Additionally, ISK 60 million [$432,000/€410,000] in cash has been confiscated.

In 2022, 80 individuals were held in custody by the Suðurnes police for a total of 2,903 days, averaging 8 individuals daily. This year has seen 96 individuals detained for 2,617 days, with an average of about 10 individuals being held in custody every day.

Stress the importance of vigorous border operations

A press release from the police, and reported on by, underscores the importance of strong police and customs operations at Keflavík Airport. This includes well-trained staff, essential equipment, and appropriate working conditions. The collaboration between European countries on police cooperation and border control, based on the Schengen Agreement, is particularly extensive and demanding for Iceland, given its distance from mainland Europe.

Fatal Buggy Accident in Skógaheiði Under Investigation

A fatal buggy accident occurred on Skógaheiði in South Iceland yesterday. An elderly man died, and the incident is under investigation.

Circumstances of the accident under investigation

A fatal accident involving a small all-terrain vehicle, commonly referred to as a buggy, occurred on Skógaheiði in South Iceland around 4 PM yesterday. As noted in a Facebook post by the South Iceland Police, the police, along with medical teams and rescue squads, responded to the scene. The Coast Guard’s helicopter was also dispatched. An elderly man was declared dead upon the arrival of first responders. The circumstances of the accident are under investigation.

Deep North Episode 47: Mycological Magic

mushroom foraging iceland

On a grey afternoon in late August, a small crowd has gathered near the old hydroelectric power station in Elliðaárdalur, a nature area near the capital. Helena Marta Stefánsdóttir, a specialist in the Forestry Service, has prepared a lecture on mushroom foraging 101 for the amateur mycologists gathered here. But it seems to be the first day of fall and as the wind picks up, a drizzle slowly grows into a light shower. The children are getting restless, and it’s only through their low murmur that I’m able to pick up fragments of tips. Never eat the ones that… Usually, a white mushroom will… I’m not exactly reassured, but everything is getting damp and we head off for the cover of the woods to continue our search.

Read the story here.

Governing Parties to Meet at Þingvellir Today

The coalition parties will be meeting today at Þingvellir to discuss the upcoming legislative session. Following Bjarni Benediktsson’s resignation as Minister of Finance, changes to the government will be announced tomorrow.

Changes to government announced tomorrow

Changes will be introduced to the government tomorrow following Bjarni Benediktsson’s resignation from the position of Minister of Finance, with a cabinet meeting held at the presidential residence at Bessastaðir. Before noon today, however, the coalition parties are meeting at Þingvellir in South Iceland, RÚV reports.

According to Ingibjörg Isaksen, Chair of the Progressive Party’s parliamentary group, the meeting was planned before Bjarni announced his resignation as Minister of Finance. The main issues facing the government in the upcoming parliamentary session are on the agenda.

Ingibjörg told RÚV that changes to the government are in the hands of the governing party leaders and are not formally on today’s meeting agenda. “The leaders have been discussing this and it’s entirely in their hands. Whether they inform us today or tomorrow, it’s up to them.”

As noted by RÚV, there is no information available about what changes will be made to the government, whether, for example, Bjarni Benediktsson will assume another ministerial position or which position that might be. There has been some speculation that Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, will swap roles with Bjarni.

Gylfi Sigurðsson Likely to Return to International Football Tonight

Gylfi Sigurðsson football Icelandic national team

Gylfi Þór Sigurðsson is set to play his first international match in three years. In an interview with Vísir, the footballer confessed that he had been uncertain whether he would return to football, and by extension, the national team.

Exciting times ahead

Gylfi Þór Sigurðsson is likely to play his first international match in three years tonight. In an interview with Vísir yesterday, he expressed his excitement about playing for the national team again

“It’s quite enjoyable. Fantastic. It’s fun to be in this routine with the guys at the hotel. To have meetings and practice. Just being around the team. There’s a great atmosphere around the group and exciting times ahead for the team,” Gylfi Þór said in a conversation with Guðmundur Benediktsson.

As noted by Vísir, the past years have been tough for Gylfi; the Office of the Crown Prosecutor in the UK dropped charges against the footballer in April after he had been the subject of a police investigation since July, 2021. When asked if he expected to play for the national team again, Gylfi replied thusly:

“Yes and no. No, because I wasn’t sure if I would continue to play football. Therefore, I didn’t expect to play for Iceland again. But yes, after I decided to continue in football and give it another shot, I totally expected it.”

Aiming for the national goalscoring record

It’s been some time since Gylfi scored his last goal for the team. Over the course of his career, he has netted 25 goals, one shy of the national record of 26. He hopes to reach this milestone in the future.

“Of course, that’s my aim – and it has been my goal for many years. Kolli [Kolbeinn Sigþórsson] and Eiður [Guðjohnsen] hold the record, so it’s extra significant for me. Especially because of Eiður, who was my role model when I was younger. It will make it even sweeter for me if I achieve it.”

The men’s national team in football squares off against Luxembourg at the Laugardalur stadium in Reykjavík tonight at 18:45.