Icelandair Launches New Training Programme

Keflavík airport Icelandair

Icelandair has announced the launch of a new training programme, set to begin this winter.

The programme will partner together with the Norwegian Pilot Flight Academy and is intended to give students priority to employment at Icelandair upon graduation.

Applications for the program will be open from September 14th to September 28th, 2023.

Crucial to support aviation

Regarding the recent announcement, Icelandair CEO Bogi Nils Bogason stated: “As an island, Iceland is heavily reliant on aviation, so it is crucial that we offer excellent educational opportunities in the specialized fields of aviation. While Icelandair continues to experience high demand for positions within our company, it is important to support the continued growth of our society and ensure a skilled workforce for the future.”

The programme is open to applicants between the ages 18-30 who have a high school level education and good English skills. Icelandic proficiency is not required, but desirable.

The first part of the training is theoretical and takes place in Sandefjord, Norway, lasting for about 8 months. Students will then go to Texas for 4 months to complete their practical training.

After completing their practical training, students return to Norway for instrument and multi-engine training (approximately 90 flight hours), along with A-UPRT and APS MCC training.

The entire programme takes approximately 18 months.


Significant Damage After Residential Fire

Significant damage occurred after a fire broke out in a multi-family house in Akureyri, RÚV reports.

A fire began in a multi-family house in Akureyri early this morning, and although the fire brigade quickly managed to control the blaze, significant damage was done to the building.

RÚV reports that the fire has since been successfully extinguished.

Gunnar Rúnar Ólafsson, the fire chief in Akureyri, stated that a significant amount of smoke was coming from the house when the fire brigade arrived. No residents were inside the apartment that caught fire, and they managed to extinguish the fire quickly, in about half an hour.

The building in question is home to four apartments.

Gunnar stated that there is no further information about the source of the fire.


Divers Assess Damage to Cargo Ship

Divers are on their way to a German cargo ship currently that was damaged yesterday, Vísir reports. Environmental concerns surround the ship due to the possibility of an oil leak. Although damage to the ship has been confirmed, the extent of it is not yet known.

En route to Rotterdam

The cargo ship in question ran aground yesterday, September 10, near Akurey, a small island outside of Reykjavík harbour. A possible oil spill was detected in the area and the Coast Guard’s search and rescue team was called in for assistance. The ship, which was on its way to Rotterdam, returned to harbour.

An environmental protection barrier was placed around the ship.

Ágeir Erlendsson, information officer for the Coast Guard, stated to Vísir: “We saw this thin film of oil, both from Óðinn’s (a Coast Guard ship) observation deck and from a helicopter fly-over. This thin film was seen where the ship ran aground. That’s why it’s heading into the harbour, and we will then further quarantine it.”

Divers assessing damage

However, as of today, September 11, the oil leak is yet to be confirmed. Divers are currently on their way to the ship to further assess the situation.

The ship is on lease to Eimskip from its owner, German logistics company Peter Döhle.

“The divers are on their way to assess the damage,” stated  There is some damage, and it is uncertain whether the ship can sail. Most likely, some repairs will need to be carried out, but we do not know the extent of them,” stated Edda Rut Björnsdóttir, a representative for Eimskip. “There is some damage, and it is uncertain whether the ship can sail. Most likely, some repairs will need to be carried out, but we do not know the extent of them.”

The Environment Agency has been informed, and a transportation investigation committee is said to be conducting an investigation into the matter.

Long Lines at Keflavík International Due to Temporary Staff Shortage

Keflavík Airport

Unusually long lines have formed at Keflavík International Airport today, Vísir reports.

Lines are stated to stretch throughout the airport, from the security gates through much of the terminal.

Guðjón Helgason, communications officer for Isavia, stated to Vísir that the disruption should not be attributed to any kind of breakdown or other accident. Guðjón states that it is temporary understaffing due to illness, but replacement staff have now been found. Efforts are being made to catch up on the delays, and the situation should return to normal soon, he stated.

Isavia manages operation at Keflavík International Airport, in addition to other domestic airports throughout Iceland. Travellers can see updates to flight information and conditions here.