Reykjavík Art Shows Cancelled Over Noise Complaints

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An art and concert venue in Skerjafjörður has been forced by city authorities to cease holding events after persistent noise complaints from local residents, reports Vísir.

The venue, called Tóma Rýmið, or Empty Space, is managed by the art collective, Klúbburinn. The collective leased the space from the City of Reykjavík through the art initiative Skapandi Borg, which seeks to promote the arts in Reykjavík. According to the group, it was understood at the time of signing that the space would be used for concerts. As such, they claim it is unfair for the city to prevent them from using the space as it was intended.

In the last two years, the old bar as hosted numerous shows, raves, and theater productions, and members of Klúbburinn are fighting to keep the venue alive.

In a statement to Vísir, Diego Manatrizio, event manager for the collective, said: “I think this is a unique place in the art scene. We provide a space for many projects that could probably not find a place anywhere else, projects that are first presented here.”

However, not all agree, and the City of Reykjavík also claims that the art group never applied for the necessary permits to hold events.

Local residents are also unhappy with the venue, saying that the shows last too late into the night and are far too noisy.

The art collective, however, has expressed the desire to improve conditions to be able to continue using the space. Birnir Jón Sigurðsson, a member of the collective, stated that they took the complaints seriously and were ready to make changes. However, he said, “If we don’t get help from the city, we’ll have to close the business.”

Foreign Fisherman Electrocuted by Eystri-Rangá River

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South Iceland’s police report that yeterday, September 6, a foreign fisherman was electrocuted while fishing in the Eystri-Rangá river. The fisherman was taken to Hvolsvöllur for medical care, and has since been transferred to Reykjavík.

The man, reported to be in his 60’s, survived the incident with severe burns, but further details regarding his condition are not known at this time.

The original police report can be seen below in a public Facebook post from the South Iceland police.

The cause of the incident is attributed to longer-than average fishing gear, which is said to have hit a power line.

The fisherman is said to be experienced, but was using a style of telescoping pole that can reach 8-10m in length. This style of rod is uncommon in Iceland, but relatively popular in Spain. As of this time, the origin of the fisherman is unclear.

Such incidents are nearly-unheard of in Iceland. Nevertheless. RÚV reports that the power lines in questions may be buried next year to avoid such an incident.

Much of Downtown Reykjavík Without Hot Water During Scheduled Maintenance

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According to a bulletin posted on Veitur’s website, Iceland’s national utility company, much of central Reykjavík was without hot water last night and will continue to be so through the morning.

Repair work began at 9:00PM last night, and is expected to continue until at least 9:00AM today.

Areas affected include downtown Reykjavík west of Kringlumyrarbraut to Grandi and parts of Vesturbær.

A map of the affected area can be accessed here at Veitur’s website.

Residents are advised to turn off hot water taps during the scheduled maintenance in order to prevent damage when the hot water returns. Those affected are also advised to take steps to conserve heat during the temporary outage, such as keeping windows and doors shut.