M4.9 Earthquake in Bárðarbunga

An M4.4 earthquake occurred in the northern part of Bárðarbunga shortly after noon yesterday. Less than half an hour later, an earthquake measuring M4.9 was detected.

Bárðarbunga is an active volcano that last erupted in 2014, but according to Iceland‘s Meteorological Office, there are no signs indicating an imminent eruption. A notice from the Met Office stated that the last quake of this size was detected in January 2020 and before that in January 2018. Quakes of this size are not uncommon in Bárðarbunga; since 2015, about 50 such quakes have been detected in the area.

Tourist Dies in Brúará River

fatal accident Iceland

A man died after falling into the Brúará river in South Iceland yesterday afternoon. The man was carried downstream while saving his son, who had fallen in the river.

A police announcement states that the deceased was a Canadian citizen residing in the US. The reason he went into the river was to help his son who had fallen in the river. During the process, the river’s strong and cold currents carried him off, but his son wasn‘t injured.

Search-and-rescue volunteers participated in the search, but it was the Coast Guard‘s helicopter that found the man‘s body 4-500 m [0.25-0.31 mi] downstream, shortly after five pm yesterday.