President Diagnosed with COVID

President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

“So it’s come to this,” Guðni posted on his official Facebook page on Friday. “I have COVID. I woke up this morning with symptoms of the flu, it seemed: dry cough, muscle pains, and general lethargy. Took an at-home test to be safe, and those two lines appeared, clear as day.”

Still feeling somewhat under the weather, Guðni will be resting up and following current precautionary guidelines for the next five days and noted that his schedule would be “somewhat disrupted” as a result. “I’ve nothing to complain about, however, and I hope to pick back up as soon as I can.”

“Now I simply hope that I haven’t infected anyone in recent days. Take care,” he concluded, “and have a good weekend.”