Sirkus Reopens in Reykjavík After 15-Year Hiatus

Sirkus, the much-beloved and much-missed fixture of Reykjavík’s nightlife scene, reopened on Friday night after a 15-year hiatus, Vísir reports.

After closing the doors of its original location on Klapparstígur in Reykjavík, the club briefly opened an outpost in Seyðisfjörður, East Iceland, and also inspired a doppelgänger in the Faroe Islands.

In addition to being a music venue, as in the old days, Sirkus’ new incarnation on Lækjargata also serves North Indian food and has darts and a pool table in the basement.

Find out about upcoming DJ sets and shows on Sirkus’ Instagram page, here.

Up to Four-Year Wait for ADHD Diagnosis

The current wait time for an ADHD diagnosis could be up to four years, RÚV reports. This per a new report issued by Iceland’s ADHD Association. According Vilhjálmur Hjálmarsson, the association’s chairperson, there are currently well over 3,000 people on the waitlist, 800 of whom are children.

“It’s really simple,” said Vilhjálmur. “Nothing’s been done about adults. You’d probably need four times as much funding to get this enormous waitlist down to a year. If we look at the children, then we see what has been a growing problem—additional funding was provided just before the election, but by no means enough.”

The ADHD Association says that the waitlist for a diagnosis has never been as long as it is now and wait times have increased over the years. And with no additional funding earmarked for ADHD diagnoses on the horizon, it’s expected that long waitlists will continue to be a reality. At the current rate of diagnosis, even if no additional individuals were added to the waitlist, it would take four years for everyone already on it to be assessed for ADHD.