Record-Breaking Weightlifter Works Day Job as Flight Attendant

Anna Guðrún Halldórsdóttir set three European records and two world records in her weight class at the European Masters Weightlifting Championships in the Netherlands earlier this month, Vísir reports. If that isn’t impressive enough, the 52-year-old resident of Hveragerði, South Iceland managed to achieve these results while still holding down a job as part of Icelandair’s cabin crew. She even worked a six-hour flight to Chicago the day after the competition.

“It was awesome,” Anna said. “I got first place in my weight class and set world records and European records and I’m just so happy about all of it, just over the moon. It’s been a bit hard to practice alongside work, but it works.”

Anna Guðrún trains at least five times a week at her local CrossFit. She took up weightlifting at the gym shortly after moving to Hveragerði and it was quickly apparent that she had real potential. “We saw right away that she’s really strong,” said Anna’s trainer, María Rún Þorsteinsdóttir. “She’s a former handball champion. We knew for sure that she had a chance at these world records […].”

Anna Guðrún hasn’t let her world champion status go to her head, though, and doesn’t have plans to stop working as a flight attendant any time soon—her weightlifting skills come in handy all the time. “It’s great,” she laughed. “I can help everyone with their hand luggage and other things, so that’s something.”


New Fast Charge Station Can Power a Car for 100 Km in Under Five Minutes

driving in reykjavík

The most powerful electric vehicle fast-charge station went into use in Iceland on Friday, RÚV reports. It only takes five minutes for the station to charge a vehicle for 100 kilometres [62 mi].

The charging station has been installed in the parking lot of the Bílabúð Benna car dealership at Krók­háls 9 in Grafarholt og Úlfarsárdalur in the eastern suburbs of Reykjavík. It can deliver up to 350 kW of electricity. According to dealership owner Benedikt Eyjólfsson, this is even more powerful than the EV charging stations that Tesla is installing, which provide up to 250 kW. The stations installed by Icelandic power company ON Power reach a max of 150 kW.

“It can take under five minutes for 100 kilometres,” said Benedikt, “and if the car can take such a powerful charge, you could get up to 250 kilometres in 10 minutes.” The station will be open to anyone who has a vehicle with the so-called ‘Euro connector’ (Type 2) for fast charge stations. The first person to charge their electric car at the station was Minister of Industry and Innovation Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir, who commented that the country’s transition away from from fossil fuels in transportation is well underway. In fact, she says, Iceland has made more progress in transitioning away from fossil fuels than almost any country in the world.

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“The energy transition in transportation is going well, we’re now number two in the world, after the Norwegians, and we’ve been encouraging and supporting infrastructure development.” Þórdís Kolbrún says that this infrastructure, i.e. additional charging stations, has been “sorely needed” so that “there won’t be this range anxiety and people can travel between places and out in the countryside.”

“We also know that there are often bottlenecks,” Þórdís Kolbrún continued, “and we have to be careful that at places where there are many [EV charging stations], that people can charge both quickly and well. We’re trying to achieve this combination by pushing things forward with grants, but of course it’s just the general market that’s really doing it,” she concluded.