Unidentified Body Found in Eastern Suburb

fatal accident Iceland

The body of an unidentified man was found in a forested area in the eastern suburb of Breiðholt, RÚV reports. Police are working to determine the man’s identity, and believe they will be able to do so within a few days.

The body was found by a man who was walking in the area around noon on Friday. Thus far, police have confirmed that the deceased was an adult man and say that no missing persons report had been filed on his behalf. No further information has been released about his age, nationality, or appearance. It’s thought that the man had been dead for some time when he was found, although it has not yet been determined if this had been a matter of weeks, months, or even years.

The death is not considered suspicious; police have no indications of foul play.

Giant Pothole in Ring Road

A giant pothole, measuring two metres [6.7 ft] deep and 1.5 metres [4.9 ft] wide was found on Route 1 near a bridge over the Norðurá river close to Borganes in West Iceland. Thanks a quick report from travellers and an equally quick response from Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration, the hole was repaired before any accidents occurred.

Meltwater can cause significant damage to paved roadways in the spring and summer and roadworkers spend considerable time trying to repair damage as quickly as possible.

Vegagerðin / Ómar Kristófersson

Per a press release issued by the Icelandic Road and Coastal Management Administration, it was unusual circumstances, however, that allowed for the pothole in West Iceland to form so quickly and become so large before being reported and repaired. For one, there has been a considerable amount of meltwater in the last week, the drainage of which was then impeded by clumps of ice that had formed a sort of dam under the bridge. This allowed for a great build-up of underground water pressure. Before long, the water had bored through the reinforcement layer of the roadway and progressively ate away at the earth underneath the pavement. A small hole formed in the pavement, which then grew larger and larger until it was finally discovered and reported.

Icelandic Road and Coastal Management Administration received word of the pothole around 3pm; six hours later, it had been repaired.