Alcoholic Beverages To Be Sold Online

Alcohol made by Icelandic producers may eventually be purchased in online stores in Iceland if a bill the Minister of Justice Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir intends to submit to Parliament in [...]

Benefits of Retrieving the Manuscripts Unclear

It is unclear how beneficial it will be for Iceland to recover more of the Icelandic manuscripts that have been kept in Denmark since the 18th century, RÚV reports. Moving them could jeopardize [...]

Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir Pens CNN Article on Gender-Based Violence

Iceland’s prime minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir has penned an article for CNN’s news site regarding gender-based violence, harassment and discrimination in Iceland and abroad, Vísir reports. The [...]

Man Pushes Woman Off Balcony

A man in his thirties pushed a woman in her twenties off a balcony in upper Breiðholt late Monday evening, RÚV reports. The woman was rushed to a hospital and the man was taken into custody by [...]

Indecent Exposure in a College Classroom

A young man entered a building belonging to the University of Iceland yesterday and harassed students and faculty, RÚV reports. At one point the man entered a classroom as a lecture was about to [...]

Man Survives Plane Crash

A small plane crashed into the ground at Skálafellsöxl yesterday afternoon, RÚV reports.  The single engine aircraft reportedly sent out a distress signal picked up by the Icelandic Coast Guard [...]

Bishop Expresses Regret Over Minister’s Moral Infractions

The Bishop of Iceland Agnes M. Sigurðardóttir has met with the five women who accused rev. Ólafur Jóhannsson of sexual harassment and reported him to the Church of Iceland Complaints Board. The [...]

Registered Guns in Iceland 69,000

Just under 69,000 private firearms were registered in Iceland in July, RÚV reports. This includes just under 40,000 shotguns, 26,000 rifles and 3700 handguns. Around 1,100 sheepguns (single-shot [...]

Dynjandi Donated to the Icelandic State

The estate of Dynjandi by Arnarfjörður to the Icelandic state, by RARIK- Iceland State Electricity. The donation was made on the occasion of the Republic of Iceland’s 75th anniversary and the [...]

Tourists Caught by Waves in Reynisfjara

Tourist guide Pascale Elísabet Skúladóttir caught a video early Saturday of fierce waves in Reynisfjara that threatened to wash unsuspecting tourists to sea, RÚV reports. Pascale says that all [...]

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