Orca Found Beached in North Iceland

An orca that ICE-SAR rescued from a stone sea wall along the village of Þórshöfn in Northeast Iceland on Friday night beached again just outside of the harbour at 7.30am on Saturday, RÚV reports. The whale had died by the time it was found.

One of the whale’s three rescuers, Þorsteinn Ægir Egilsson, said that the animal was disoriented when it was found, but was breathing well when it was released and was left to return to the sea on its own. This was done in accordance with guidance that the rescue team received from the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority.

Unfortunately, the orca returned to shore and beached again after being rescued. Police had been notified, but no further comment was available from them at the time of writing.

Listastofan to Close in September

The Listastofan arts space and collective will be closing its doors as of September. Per a press release from the venue, it will celebrate its four years in operation with one final exhibition, entitled WE RUINED EVERYTHING.

Listastofan was founded by immigrants Martyna Daniel and Emma Sanderson in September 2015 and during its four-year tenure has hosted 63 visual art exhibitions, as well as numerous life drawing sessions, readings, workshops, ceramics classes, artists talks, concerts, performances, and school group visits. Listastofan has also provided studio space to a community of 15 artists and a number of short-term international residents.

“It all started because we wanted to give a platform to new and emerging artists,” Martyna stated in an interview with Iceland Review, explaining that the space specifically aimed to highlight artists that did not have an existing platform or were otherwise underrepresented in Iceland. “We thought it would be a small-scale project, that we would have our desks there and just organise life drawing sessions and workshops from time to time. It soon became bigger and more public than we anticipated. We were contacted by many artists who also wanted to be a part of it and so we grew. We gave up our desks as in-house artists and focused all of our energy into running the space. Now cut to four years later and I feel like the work has been great, but it is time to hop onto a new cloud. Nothing really closes when you think about it, walls will be walls, but all that matters is that people meet, create and show what they do, no matter where it is. Many artists met through Listastofan and they will keep working together so I see it as a simple location closing, all the rest is alive.”

“It feels like it is the right time to close,” she concluded,“[to] encapsulate what has been done and allow for new projects to emerge. Listastofan was a great adventure for me but many more projects await.”

Curated by by Martyna Daniel and Claire Paugam, WE RUINED EVERYTHING is, Martyna says, “a fun take on this closing” and will feature work by eight Iceland-based artists that “all have a form of absurd and humorous take on the theme of destruction.”

WE RUINED EVERYTHING will feature the following work:

Sean Patrick O’Brien – Tveikjari (Ég kem að vörmu spori), artwork created for WE RUINED EVERYTHING, mixed media installation and performance.

Serge Comte – Pizza Tonton / Zéroticône, series of eight beaded pizzas and series of Facebook screenshots

Drengurinn fengurinn – Hvenær fær maður að vera í friði?, artwork created for WE RUINED EVERYTHING, mixed media installation including a video and a mural painting

Logi Leó Gunnarsson – Cut-Off Blade Looper, installation

Claire Paugam  – Insects, photo collage

Martyna Daniel  – Fix Me, My Mamma Broke Me, Acrylic paint on canvas, 90×65

Anne Rombach – Work Of Fiction, video piece

Þröstur Valgarðsson   – So fucking Symbolic it hurts, artwork created for WE RUINED EVERYTHING, performance

The exhibition at Listastofan will open on Friday, September 6 at 5 pm. A “massive goodbye party” will be held at IÐNO at the end of the exhibition on September 19. Martyna says the party will include “a series of concerts, artwork, speeches and other surprises” and is free and open to all. More information on Facebook, here.

Parliament to Vote on Third Energy Package on Monday

iceland parliament

The final parliamentary meeting on the Third Energy Package finally concluded at 9.00pm on Thursday evening after beginning at 11.30 that morning. Vísir reports that voting on the package will take place on Monday.

Thursday’s debate was slightly more moderate in tone than it had been even the day before, Centre Party MP Ólafur Ísleifsson told reporters. The meeting was the last in a special late summer session to allow parliament to conclude debate and vote on the issue, which has been delayed multiple times throughout the spring term and the subject of multiple Centre Party-led filibusters, some of which have run for as long as 134 hours.

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The main goal of the European Union’s Third Energy Package is to strengthen the internal energy market for gas and electricity in the EU in order to decrease the cost of energy. The European Union’s First Energy Package and Second Energy Package have already been agreed upon and adopted by members of the EU and EEA, including Iceland. The Third Energy Package was passed within the EU in 2009.

A decade later, Iceland is the only country that has not agreed to the package. Adopting it has proved controversial among Icelanders, some of whom believe it constituted handing over control of Iceland’s energy to European authorities. However, Iceland is not connected to Europe’s energy network and specialists in European law agree that it would not jeopardise the country’s sovereignty over publicly owned energy resources.  Refusing to sign the agreement would be unprecedented and likely jeopardise Iceland’s membership in the European Economic Area.

Based on their speeches, it’s expected that MPs in the Centre and People’s Parties will vote against implementing the Third Energy Package. In addition, Pirate Party MP Jón Þór Ólafsson has also previously stated that he will not vote in favour of the initiative.

Women’s National Football Team Wins First Euro ’21 Qualifier

Iceland’s national women’s football team won their first qualifying match for the 2021 European Championships against Hungary, RÚV reports, with a final score of 4-1.

Hopes were high for the squad when the game began at Laugardalsvöllur stadium on Thursday night. Energy was high from kickoff and the Icelandic team had many good opportunities early on. Elín Metta Jensen gave the team their first goal in the 9th minute after a cross from Hallbera Gísladóttir.

The Hungarian squad evened the score with a goal in the 41st minute, but the Icelandic team came back fighting after half time. Hlín Eiríksdóttir scored again in the 59th minute, followed by Dagný Brynjarsdóttir in the 64th. Elín Metta then capped off an excellent game by scoring again in extra time.

The Iceland women’s national team will match up against Slovakia on September 2, and then France on October 4.