ICE-SAR Rescues Dog at Þingvellir

Two search and rescue teams were called out on Friday regarding a dog that fell into a fissure in a summer home community in the Þingvellir National Park, RÚV reports.

The dog fell five to six metres [16 – 19 ft] into a fissure that was well-hidden by scrub brush. As such, its owners were able to hear it, but were not able to see it. Ten ICE-SAR members went to the scene. Rescuers had to repel into the fissure to reach the animal and then secure a harness around it in order to lift it to the surface.

The dog was unharmed when it was returned to its owners.

Champagne Sales Approach All-Time Record

alcohol in iceland

Iceland’s state-run liquor stores have sold just over 14,000 litres [3,698 gallons] of champagne already this year, RÚV reports. If sales continue apace, the 2007 sales record of 16,000 litres [4,226 gallons], or 22,000 bottles, of champagne is likely to be eclipsed quite soon.

These sales figures were published on Íslandsbanki’s website, which notes that champagne sales tend to increase during periods of prosperity and, unsurprisingly, decrease in times of economic downturn. As such, champagne sales may be a good indicator of public sentiment regarding the economy.

Champagne sales took a notable dip in 2008, following the economic crisis. Sales continued to be low from 2009 – 2015, but started to increase again in 2016.