Environment Agency Presents Proposal for Látrabjarg Preserve

The Environment Agency of Iceland has presented a proposal for the protection of the Látrabjarg bird cliffs in the Westfjords, Vísir reports. The agency has been working on the proposal since [...]

Iceland Cosigns Statement Against Brutal, Discriminatory Law in Brunei

Iceland is one of thirty-six countries to cosign a statement urging the government of Brunei to revoke changes to its penal code which legalize a range of violent and brutal punishments for acts [...]

Shortage of ‘First Class Icelandic Potatoes’ Say Grocers

The Icelandic Federation of Trade is calling for a suspension of duties on potatoes so that potatoes grown abroad can be imported at an acceptable cost to local consumers. RÚV reports that [...]

Long-Term Parking at Airport Completely Full Over Easter

The long-term parking lots at the Keflavík Airport are at full capacity for the third Easter holiday in a row. RÚV reports that the airport’s long-term parking lots closed just before 5:00 PM on [...]


For years, producing yarn in Iceland has meant selling your wool raw to a large-scale producer. Now farmers around Iceland have been finding new ways to produce yarn on a smaller scale, ensuring [...]

Breakthrough in Dýrafjörður Tunnel Celebrated

The final explosion to clear the Dýrafjörður tunnel will be performed tomorrow. A special ceremony will be held to celebrate the fact that the construction of the tunnel has gone extremely well. [...]

Hallgrímskirkja Tower Closed for Five Weeks

Hallgrímskirkja tower will be closed to visitors for five weeks while its lift is replaced. According to Vísir, the new lift is both faster and safer than the current one, which has been taking [...]

No Fatal Traffic Accidents in Iceland This Year

There have been no fatal traffic accidents in Iceland so far this year, Vísir reports. It has been nearly 80 years since the country has reported no fatal traffic accidents this late in the year. [...]

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rose in Iceland

Greenhouse gas emissions directly under government responsibility rose by 2.2% between 2016 and 2017, RÚV reports. The data comes from a recent report by the Environment Agency of Iceland. [...]

Financial Supervisory Authority Demands Closure of Crowdfunding Website

A group purportedly aiming to resurrect WOW air has been ordered to close their crowdfunding website by Iceland’s Financial Supervisory Authority. The site is requesting 10-20,000 shareholders [...]

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