Measles Vaccination Initiative Underway

landspitali national university hospital iceland

3000 doses of measles vaccination have been sent to the country to combat the measles outbreak which started recently. A substantial operation is now underway in both the Reykjavík capital area as well as East Iceland to combat the spread of measles, focusing on 6 to 18-month-old children as well as unvaccinated adults.

The vaccination operation is a preventive measure first and foremost. So far, the operation has been a success, according to Óskar Reykdalsson, head of the health centres in the capital area. Around 1000 individuals were vaccinated in the capital area today. “It went well today. We had 19 health centres open today and we received somewhere around 1000 people. It was mostly children, and some amount of unvaccinated adults, but first and foremost children between six to eighteen months old,” Óskar stated.

Public health services have called for all individuals who have not been vaccinated to head immediately to their closest health center. It is expected that the 3000 vaccination doses will all have been used by the end of the weekend. More doses will be sent to the country in the beginning of next week.

Every person who has not been vaccinated should head to a health centre as soon as possible to get vaccinated for measles. Children that are between six to eighteen months old, along with those born after 1970, will have precedence.

The fifth case of measles in the country has already been confirmed as a kindergarten worker in Egilsstaðir, East Iceland, got infected. The person has now been put into isolation.

Further information in Icelandic about the vaccination initiative can be found here. Measles information is also available by calling the phone number 1700.

Indigo Partners Considers Investing Further in WOW air

Indigo Partners will invest up to ISK 10.9 billion ($90 million, €80.1 million) into WOW air, an increase of the amount of ISK 5.6 billion ($46 million, €40.9 million) which was first proposed. WOW air shed light on this development in a statement on their website earlier today. The investment will take place given that certain conditions are in place.

This development suggests that the two parties are closing in on a final agreement, but there is no formal agreement in place as of now. A due diligence report is still to be performed.

The statement also states the Skúli Mogensen’s stake in WOW air will change. Skúli is the CEO, founder and sole owner of WOW air, and he might see his stake end up anywhere between 0% to 100%, depending on how WOW air fares financially in the next three years.

Furthermore, Skúli will most likely write off a subordinate loan which he gave to WOW air a while back. Skúli’s investment fund, Títan, gave a WOW a loan of ISK 730 million ($5.9 million, €5.3 million) to help cover running costs.

WOW air has found itself in financial doldrums in recent times. It was revealed that the company has postponed the complementary contribution to their employees’ pension funds. The company now owes employees that contribution for December, January, and February. In a recent move, WOW air also announced flight offers to European cities for low amounts.

WOW air shareholders, who bought shares in a bond offering in September of last year, will be asked to review and accept new terms of their stakes. The new terms state that their returns will be connected to WOW air’s financial performance in the next years. The returns on the stakes can be anywhere between 50% to 100% of the share’s worth. It has also been suggested that the rates of the shares are decreased from 9% to 7%. The shares will also be extended to repayment within five years, rather than the originally proposed three years.