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February 7, 2019

cod wars Coast Guard Vessel Óðinn
Looking Back

In the Name of Cod

You’ve heard about the world wars, the Six-Day War, the Hundred Years’ War, and the not-really-a-war Cold War, but you’d have to be an expert either in Icelandic history or international fishing regulations to be familiar with the Anglo-Icelandic Cod Wars.

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Deutscher Investor kauft Hellisfjörður

Der Deutsche Sven Jacobi hat den Hellisfjörður in Ostisland gekauft, berichtet Austurfrétt. Jacobi gilt als Marketingspezialist in Deutschland. Der abgelegene Fjord war im vergangenen Sommer

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Langoustine Numbers at Record Low

Numbers of langoustine around Iceland have plummeted, RÚV reports. Iceland’s Marine and Freshwater Research Institute suggests an 80% reduction in harvesting between years. If MFRI’s

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