Environmental Association Calls to Redo Whaling Report

iceland whale

The Icelandic Environmental Association (Landvernd) has published a press release strongly criticising a recent governmental report on the economic impact of whaling. RÚV reported first. The nature conservation NGO is calling for the University of Iceland’s Institute of Economic Studies to withdraw the report and re-work it in consultation with ecologists.

The report was commissioned by the Ministry of Industries and Innovation to determine the economic impact of whaling. Various critics have called it biased in favour of the industry and some even calling it outright propaganda.

The Icelandic Environmental Association published a press release today outlining three points of contention with the report’s contents. Firstly, the association states, the report’s author makes ecological calculations which are far outside his field of expertise. “Many ecologists consider these premises obsolete,” the press release states.

Secondly, the association criticises the report’s implication that nature conservation groups are terrorist organisations, calling the connection “absurd” and stating it would encourage legislation that defines environmental activism as terrorism. “True terrorism is aimed at killing civilians for the sake of a particular cause,” the press release states. “The struggle of nature conservation groups is peaceful.”

Lastly, the association states, “the threat of human exploitation that we are beset by is real and this threat crystallises in the struggle of conservationist organisations for the protection of whales.”

Only Minor Injuries in Two-Bus Accident

Passengers sustained only minor injuries in an accident involving two buses in Kjalarnes last night, near Reykjavík. RÚV reports that no major injuries were sustained by any of the travellers, whose two busses veered off the road around 7.00pm last night. The passengers were foreign tourists from the United States and the UK.

One of the busses, carrying nearly 30 passengers, flipped onto its side when a gust of wind caused the driver to lose control. The other bus, carrying ten passengers, veered off the road but managed to stay upright. Passengers were transported to an emergency reception centre set up by the Red Cross in Mossfellsbær.

Kevin Pool, one of the passengers, told RÚV he was impressed with the first responders’ professionalism. “Everyone was really professional that showed up there. They were there really fast, they knew what they were doing, it was very calming to know that everyone who was there was so professional and did their job very well.”

Poor driving conditions caused another accident in North Iceland around 10.00pm last night, when a bus carrying 30 teenagers veered off the road. According to regional police, no injuries were sustained.

Travel Advisory in Southwest Iceland

Snowstorm Iceland

Blizzard conditions are expected throughout today in Southwest Iceland, according to the Icelandic Met Office. Snow, strong winds, and poor visibility are forecasted throughout the region, including in Reykjavík, Keflavík, and east to Vík í Mýrdal. A travel advisory is in force until 5.00pm this evening.

Snow and lowering temperatures are expected in most parts of the country today. Travellers are advised to check road and weather conditions before heading out and use public transportation when possible.