High Winds Trap Passengers On Board Landed Flights

Serious weather conditions necessitated the cancellation of all domestic flights on Saturday and lead to widespread delays at Keflavík Airport, RÚV reports. All domestic flights were announced to have been cancelled as of 2.00pm, and many international flights were delayed.

When winds are too high (over 50 knots), jet bridges cannot be used for safety reasons. As such, passengers on Delta, Easy Jet, and British Airways flights that landed at Keflavík Airport around 9.00am were stuck waiting inside their planes. It wasn’t until around 1.00pm that wind conditions allowed travelers in landed planes to disembark and for some boardings to resume.

Authorities are monitoring weather conditions to determine if scheduled domestic flights can resume as usual tomorrow. According to the Icelandic Met Office, it looks as though the heavy rainfall and gale-force winds will likely dissipate overnight.

Travelers are reminded that although roads remain open, the current weather conditions, particularly in Southwest and West Iceland, will make driving more difficult. Drivers that must travel this afternoon are reminded to be cautious and monitor road conditions at www.road.is.