Icelandair Shares Dip


Icelandair shares fell sharply in the first trading of the day on the Iceland Stock Exchange, RÚV reports. Just before 10.00am, the company’s exchange rate had fallen by nearly 20%.

Björgólfur Jóhannsson, CEO of the company, announced his resignation yesterday and the company’s projected profits were lowered. Björgólfur stated earlier this month that Icelandair was well-positioned to respond to market challenges.

Icelandic airlines Icelandair and WOW Air have faced difficulties recently due to rising fuel costs, the slowing growth of tourism to Iceland, and competition from abroad. WOW Air is currently searching for investors who would loan the company up to ISK 12 billion ($113m/€96m) over the next 18 months. The two airlines are a key pillar of the tourism industry, transporting 80-85% of all travellers that visit Iceland.

Lone Traveller Rescued in Highlands Storm

A traveller lost in Fjallabak Nature Reserve in the Highlands was found shortly before 2.00am this morning, RÚV reports. Nearly 200 volunteers from the Reykjavík capital area, West Iceland, and the Suðurnes peninsula set off in search of the man yesterday evening when an emergency signal was received from the area. The location of the call was unclear, making the search a challenge. The man was wet and cold when he was found, but is now safe and sound.

The man was a foreign tourist and appears to have been stranded by bad weather. “He was travelling alone and had missed the weather warning. He maybe didn’t have a way to listen to it or the language skills to understand it,” said Jón Hermansson, of the Rangárvallasýsla Search and Rescue team. Luckily, the man had a tent, which protected him from the elements until rescue teams located him.

“The weather was so bad that it took a while to find the man in his surroundings,” Jón said. “He was in a green tent, which is not the easiest to see in the landscape there. It blended into the environment.”

Seven Charged for Bitcoin Computer Theft

Sindri Þór Stefánsson - bitcoin

Sindri Þór Stefansson and six others have been charged with the theft of 600 computers equipped for Bitcoin mining, Fréttablaðið reports. Sindri Þór made headlines internationally when he fled from prison earlier this year, where he was being held on suspicion of the robbery. Sindri was later arrested in Amsterdam and brought back to the country.

The charges were formally made several weeks ago but were not assigned to a judge until last week. At the time it was unclear how many individuals had been charged but the number is now confirmed at seven. Three of the individuals, including Sindri Þór, are subject to travel bans due to the case. Though Sindri Þór has been charged with theft, it remains unknown what role the other six defendants are believed to have had in the incident.

The computers are valued at hundreds of millions of ISK, or millions of US dollars, making the theft one of the largest in Iceland in recent years. Search for the stolen goods led all the way to China, but they have yet to be found.