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July 24, 2015

Wasser in Flaschen „kein Leitungswasser“

„Es stimmt nicht, dass das Wasser, das wir in Flaschen abfüllen, Leitungswasser ist. Leitungswasser wird durch alte Rohrleitungen unter der Stadt geleitet. Unser Wasser kommt direkt aus der Quelle und von dort direkt in Flaschen“, erklärt Jón Ólafsson, der Vorsitzende des Unternehmens „Icelandic Glacial“.

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HIV Infection Case to be Appealed

He’s a guy who is always happy and comes across well with everyone. I don’t believe he knew he had the disease,” says a friend and former housemate of the Nigerian asylum seeker who was remanded in custody yesterday under suspicion of having infected young women with HIV.

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Tourists Defecate in Town Center

Two local women in Húsavík today stopped and challenged a woman and her two children, who she was allowing to defecate on the sidewalk. The incident took place on a busy harbor-side road where Húsavík residents and visitors assemble in good weather.

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Neues Leben auf Surtsey

Laut Ergebnissen der jüngsten Forschungsreise zur Insel Surtsey in der vergangenen Woche ist der Erdwärme-Temperaturspiegel unter dem westlichen Teil der Insel seit der letzten Messung angestiegen.

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2014 Tax Records Released

The Icelandic Directorate of Internal Revenue has released details of tax bills for 2014. The details are in the public domain for a very limited period each year, which allows interested parties—usually journalists—to figure out who paid the most tax, and therefore by extension, who earned the most money.

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Surtsey Island Continues to Develop

Geothermal heat levels have increased under the western part of Surtsey island since the last time measures were taken, according to results from the latest scientific expedition to the island last week.

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