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September 26, 2014

Photos of 1961 Askja Eruption Shown for First Time

On October 26, 1961, the Askja volcano suddenly started erupting. Even though the volcano had brought misery to the nation a hundred years earlier, not many were afraid this time. Now more than half a century later the public sees the photos taken on the journey by a father and son, Reynir and Jóhann Zoega.

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Stunning Photos of Lava and Northern Lights

We have been discussing the beauty of two natural phenomena at the same time, northern lights and the glowing lava shooting out of a crater. Photographer James Appleton managed to capture a series of beautiful photographs that show both Aurora Borealis and an eruption in the same frame.

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Lava Flows over F910

The new lava at the Holuhraun eruption site has in several places crawled over the only road to the site, road F910.

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Ein Oscar für Vonarstræti?

Mitgleider der isländischen Film- und Fernseh-Akademie haben den Film Vonarstræti (Life in a Fishbowl) als Oscar-Beitrag für den besten fremdsprachigen Film 2015 eingereicht.

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Finnwal-Jagdsaison beendet

Die Geschäftsführung des Walfang-Unternehmens Hvalur hf. hat entschieden, die diesjährige Finnwal-Jagdsaison früher als gewohnt zu beenden.

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Seismic Activity Unchanged at Bárðarbunga

Ten earthquakes were automatically detected in Bárðarbunga and another ten in the dike beneath northern Dyngjujökull glacier between midnight and 6:48 am this morning. This is a similar rate to what was observed yesterday morning.

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