Another Victory for Snæfell

Snæfell, the women’s basketball team from the Snæfellsnes peninsula village of Stykkishólmur, won against Valur from Reykjavík on Wednesday night 85-69 (18-22, 24-19, 27-12, 16-16).

This was the team’s eleventh consecutive win and the team is just one victory away from becoming the national champions.

The team has won 20 games this season and lost only 3 and are on top with 40 points. Second is Haukar from Hafnarfjörður, with 32 points, Keflavík is number three with 28 points, Valur forth with 22 points, Hamar from Hveragerði fifth with 20 points, KR from Reykjavík, sixth with 18 points, Grindavík second from bottom with 14 points, and last is Njarðvík with only 10 points, reports.

Hildur Sigurðardóttir of Snæfell scored the most points 21, Chynna Unique Brown 20 and Hildur Björg Kjartansdóttir 19.

Viking Silver Bracelet Found in Reykjavík

Last summer archaeological research took place at the so-called Althingi-spot, thought to be the area where the first settlers in Iceland built their houses. In the mud, a silver bracelet was found. The piece was quite delicate, besides being surrounded by very hard soil.

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