Long-Distance Ride to Berlin

stafetteberlin_resizedParticipants of the traditional long-distance ride preceding the World Cup arrived in Berlin from three different directions, traveling with the FEIF greeting message. Among them were hardcore trail riders like the couple Christel Velte and Walter Schmid, who rode the ‘southern route’ of 800 km (500 miles) from Austria to Berlin.

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Horse World Masters: Five-Gait Preliminaries

kopie_von_nadiaThe preliminary rounds for the five-gait test took place yesterday morning. The basic gaits walk, trot and canter were shown, along with tölt in two speeds, and two long straights in pace. Tölt and pace are counted twice. The five-gait testing is generally characterized by more speed.

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Discovering Skagafjörður’s Food Chest

Eldað undir bláhimni – Skagafjörður’s Colourful Cooking edited by Heiðdís Lilja Magnúsdóttir with photos by Pétur Ingi Björnsson and Óli Arnar Brynjarsson introduces the reader to the cuisine of the region of Skagfjörður in Northwest Iceland.

The book is divided into four main sections covering each of the four seasons and the produce and dishes associated with them. From the bird cliffs of Drangey island to the brewery at Útvík and the fish drying racks and dairy at Sauðárkrókur, the reader is taken on a journey of the region, learning about some of the specialties on offer and the producers and cooks who create them.

The book is part of the Skagafjörður Food Chest project, which has the objective of nurturing culinary tourism in the region and includes 40 different recipes.

One criticism I have of the book is that although the text is in both Icelandic and English the contents and index pages are mostly in Icelandic (presumably to save space), something which would no doubt be frustrating for the non-Icelandic speaker. The book is also, in my opinion, lacking in the design department when compared to other recent cook books but still manages to capture the beauty of the region.

Overall, though, Skagafjörður’s Colourful Cooking is an informative introduction into the region’s culinary culture and makes for a nice souvenir from Iceland. The book recently competed in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.


Eldað undir bláhimni – Skagafjörður’s Colourful Cooking is published by Nýprent ehf. and available at eymundsson.is and in bookstores around Iceland.

Zoë Robert