No Mosquitoes in Iceland Puzzles Scientists

Entomologist Erling Ólafsson is surprised that mosquitoes have neither settled in Iceland nor the Faroe Islands while they exist in the island states’ neighboring countries. There is no definite explanation as to why these two countries remain mosquito-free.

“It is very strange. People have mentioned various possible explanations, for example that Iceland has an oceanic climate and that they don’t thrive in it, but that’s nonsense,” Erling commented to

In Erling’s view, fluctuating weather in winter is not a likely explanation either. “It’s rather a question of the chemical composition of the water and ground.”

It might also be a strike of luck, Erling reasoned, adding that mosquitoes could easily be carried to the country with the wind or airplanes and adapt to the Icelandic climate.

Midges and black flies exist in Iceland, particularly in the area around Lake Mývatn in the northeast. Even though they bite, they are not considered as much of a menace as mosquitoes.

“The mosquito is more aggressive. It attacks you day and night, awake or asleep. And it bites through your clothes but the black fly rather goes for naked spots of skin,” Erling stated.


Shit Happens

road_psA Swiss bus driver from Rubi Reisen emptied the bus’ toilet on an open road near Selfoss, South Iceland, earlier this week. When an eyewitness asked the driver what he was doing, he responded, “I pushed the wrong button.”

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Fishing Vessel Catches Fire in West Iceland

fishingship_ipaForty firefighters took part yesterday in extinguishing the most extensive fire that has occurred in Iceland in a long time. A 230-ton fishing vessel caught fire inside a shipyard in Akranes, West Iceland, in the afternoon. The fire was extinguished at midnight but flared up again later in the night.

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