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Day: June 23, 2009

Icelandic Strawberries Hit the Market

Strawberries from the Silfurtún greenhouses in Flúdir, south Iceland, are ripe and ready for the market. The harvest is good this year and, during the upcoming high-season, approximately half a ton of strawberries are expected to hit the stores every week.

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Icelandic Forestry Association to Create 1,000 Jobs

Up to 1,000 people will have employment this summer in relation to re-vegetation of so-called green areas that belong to forestry associations across the country. The project is the initiative of the Icelandic Forestry Association and will be undertaken in cooperation the government.

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New Mayor for Kópavogur Announced

The Independence Party in Kópavogur, a neighboring town of Reykjavík, announced yesterday that Gunnsteinn Sigurdsson, another councilmember from their ranks, will replace the outgoing mayor, Gunnar Birgisson.

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Landsbanki CEOs Said Iceland Would Guarantee Icesave

The then CEOs of Iceland’s Landsbanki, Sigurjón Th. Árnason and Halldór J. Kristjánsson, sent a letter to the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and the Icelandic Financial Supervisory Authority (FME) on September 23, stating that the Icelandic state would guarantee the minimum deposits in Icesave.

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Aluminum Companies Capitalize on ISK Differentials

Two out of three aluminum companies in Iceland trade with the Icelandic króna in foreign markets in such a way that they profit from the difference between the official exchange rate of the Central Bank of Iceland and the króna’s exchange rate abroad.

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Stability Pact to Be Signed in Iceland Today

Representatives of the government and the employment market discussed a joint resolution on employment and economic matters, dubbed the national reconciliation, in the cabinet until late last night. A stability pact is expected to be signed today.

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Isländischer Kurzfilm bricht alle Preis-Rekorde

Der Kurzfilm Smáfuglar (englischer Titel: Two Birds) des isländischen Regisseurs Rúnar Rúnarsson erhielt vergangenen Donnerstag seinen 48sten internationalen Preis auf dem Archipelago Filmfestival in Rom und ist damit der am häufigsten ausgezeichnete Kurzfilm der Welt.

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Torfhof in Südisland

Der alte Torfhof Keldur im Rangárvellir, Südisland, ist diesen Sommer für Besucher geöffnet. In Keldur ist ein einzigartiges Ensemble alter Torfhäuser erhalten. Das Eingangsgebäude wurde in der ältesten Torfbauweise errichtet, die in Island bekannt ist.

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Neues Wikingermuseum

Das neue Museum Víkingaheimar (Wikingerwelt) wurde letzte Woche in Njardvík im Südwesten Islands in der Nähe des Internationalen Flughafens Keflavík eröffnet.

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