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Day: December 9, 2008

Did Dutch Authorities Try to Stop Icesave?

Dutch authorities allegedly wanted to prevent Iceland’s Landsbanki Bank from collecting deposits through its online banking unit Icesave in the Netherlands in August. At the time the deposits amounted to EUR 1.2 billion in total.

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Protestors Arrested at Iceland’s Parliament

Seven individuals from a group of around 30 demonstrators were arrested at Iceland’s Althingi parliament building yesterday, after they were prevented from accessing the public area of the building during a parliamentary session.

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Icelandic Króna Continues to Appreciate

The Icelandic króna has appreciated for the third day in a row since inter-bank trade commenced when the króna was floated on Thursday last week, by almost 25 percent in total. The exchange rate index has now dropped below 193 points.

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New Kaupthing to Prevent Exista Takeover Plans

The board of New Kaupthing Bank has issued a statement saying that they intend to prevent brothers Lýdur and Ágúst Gudmundsson, commonly referred to as the Bakki brothers, from taking over Exista with every means possible.

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Head Tax for National Broadcaster Increased

The head tax charged for Icelandic national broadcasting service RÚV will be increased while the broadcaster will limit its presence on the advertising market to a significant extent, according to a bill outlined by the government yesterday.

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