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January 8, 2008

Staff Situation at Reykjavík Kindergartens Worsens

The employment situation at kindergartens in Reykjavík has worsened since last fall when many employees quit, some to resume their studies. Dozens of positions are left unfilled and yesterday children were sent home due to lack of staff.

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Film about Reagan-Gorbachev Summit in Iceland?

British film director Ridley Scott is planning to produce a movie about the historic summit between US President Ronald Reagan and the last head of state of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavík in 1986, and may shoot it there.

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Anthropologist Wants to Rebuild Old Houses

Anthropologist Anna Sigurlaug Pálsdóttir has written to Reykjavík City authorities and offered her assistance in reconstructing the 19th century buildings that are scheduled for demolition on Laugavegur 4 to 6 in Reykjavík.

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Downfall of Selected Share Index Continues

So far this year the selected share index of the OMX Nordic Stock Exchange in Iceland has dropped by 9.46 percent and at the same time the market value of companies registered on OMX has decreased by ISK 214 billion.

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Free Bus Rides in Akureyri Pay Off

One year has passed since Akureyri residents, in northeast Iceland, were offered free bus rides for the first time. Passengers have increased steadily and currently almost ten percent of inhabitants, or 1,600 people, take the bus every day on average.

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