Kaupthing Bank with Record Profits

Kaupthing Bank has posted its earnings for the first six months of 2006. The results show the following:

· Shareholders’ net earnings of ISK 31.8 billion (EUR 327 million) for first half of 2006 compared to ISK 24.8 billion (EUR 254 million) for first half of 2005. Shareholders’ net earnings of ISK 13.0 billion (EUR 134 million) for second quarter compared to ISK 13.7 billion (EUR 140 million) for the same period in 2005.

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Arsonist catches Fire

A policeman on duty in Reykjavík noticed a fire on a used car sales parking lot last night. He immediately notified the Fire department and when they arrived two cars had been destroyed by the fire and at least four other vehicles had also caught fire. According to RÚV it was clear that the cars had been set on fire, but when the police arrived the culprit was nowhere to be found.

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Taxman Takes More this Year

Personal taxes went up by a little less than 13% this year. According to the Ministry of Finance federal and local taxes of individuals went up by 13% and the number of people paying the special income tax (for high income) is now 24 thousand, up from 17 thousand last year.

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