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Day: March 16, 2006

President Bush pulls US forces out of Iceland

Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, RÚV, reported yesterday that the US deputy secretary for state, Nicholas Burns, had phoned the Icelandic foreign minister, Geir Haarde, and informed him that the US government had decided to pull its fighter jets and helicopter rescue squadron out of Iceland.

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Icelandic professor of law finds fault with Baugur verdict

Áslaug Björgvinsdóttir, associate professor at the School of Law at Reykjavík University, claimed on TV Wednesday that judging by the District Court’s interpretation of Icelandic law in the Baugur case, Iceland had not properly adopted European Union directives on the corporate code and annual statements. She called on the legislature to respond and on the Supreme Court to clarify the interpretation of the relevant law.

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