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January 5, 2006

High salaries in Iceland

Annual salaries in Iceland are one of the highest in Europe, newspaper Bladid reports. Icelandic salaries are, on average, 37% higher than those in other European member states.

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Iceland has best pupil-teacher ratio

Iceland has the fewest pupils per class in elementary school, according to a recent survey by the Eurydice institute that follows the progress of European states in education matters.

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Landsvirkjun plans to drill more boreholes

Landsvirkun plans to drill 9-10 boreholes for hot water in Northeast Iceland over the next three years. The drilling process takes a long time and is expensive, each borehole costing ISK 200-250 million. All told, the whole research process will probably cost in the region of ISK 2 billion.

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Samherji moves its packing station to Grimsby

Samherji, a large Icelandic fishing and fish processing company, is going to move part of its operations from Dalvík in North Iceland to Grimsby in England. The process is expected to be completed within two months.

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