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Day: November 22, 2005

English or Icelandic?

The study of Icelandic medieval studies at the University of Iceland is in crisis, according to scholar Tryggvi Gíslason, the former headmaster of Akureyri College. Gíslason claims that for the last three decades, foreign researchers have dominated the field of Icelandic medieval literature, language and history.

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Sentence for smuggling

Two Lithuanians have received a three-year prison sentence for smuggling four kilograms of amphetamines into Iceland. The two men arrived in a car with the ferry Norræna at Seyðisfjörður and were arrested there after the drugs were discovered in a secret compartment.

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Fewer fish in the sea

The cod stock is declining in the waters off Iceland, according to new estimates by the Marine Research Institute. Shrimp is also in sharp decline.

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