Wrong to Give Fischer Citizenship?

Icelanders believe the government was wrong to grant citizenship to former chess great Bobby Fischer, according to a Gallup poll taken over the weekend.

Forty percent of those who responded believed the government made a bad decision in granting Fischer citizenship, and thirty-five percent believed it was a good move. Twenty-five percent of those asked did not have an opinion on the matter.

New News Director for RÚV

Audun Georg Ólafsson resigned as RUV’s news director on his first day on the job. Ólafsson, whose hiring caused a near shut-down at RUV, misrepresented himself in an interview, and later resigned

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Heimur Travel Entrepreneur of the Year

Iceland Review’s publisher Heimur hf has for the second year running selected a Travel Entrepreneur of the Year. This award is given out to people who Heimur believes to have made an outstanding contribution to Iceland’s travel industry. This year’s recipient is Gudrún Bergmann, a farmer, guesthouse owner and environmentalist from Hellnar, Snæfellsnes, west Iceland.

Bergmann and her now deceased husband sold their business in Reykjavík in 1995 and started up a self-sustaining ecological community in Hellnar, offering guesthouse accommodation, New Age style courses, emphasizing organic food and living. The couple received the Green Globe certification in 2002, the first Icelandic travel service to receive the award.

Heimur believes that Bergmann’s work has increased interest in Snæfellsnes and in environmentally friendly, sustainable tourism.