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Day: January 27, 2005

Parliament Debates Giving Fischer Citizenship

The Icelandic Parliament is debating offering former world chessmaster Bobby Fischer Icelandic citizenship. Fischer was the first American to win the World Championship of chess in 1972, in a much publicized match in Reykjavík. While here, he apparently made life-long connections.

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Oddsson Draws Heat for Early Coalition Letter

The Fréttabladid newspaper has pointed out that the timing of Oddsson’s March 18th 2003 letter of support for the Coalition seems premature considering how little debate had gone on in Iceland’s parliament at that time.

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National Team Wins Big

Iceland easily defeated Kuwait to improve their seating in the Handball World Championships in Tunisia. With a 31-22 victory, Iceland is now placed third in their group of six, behind Russia and Slovenia.

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